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The process of Academic Advisement depends mainly on the academic advisor in the College in which the student is enrolled. According to this process, students are assigned (based on their specializations) to academic advisors who are responsible to help and guide these students during their university studies, including the choice of the proper courses in the preparation of their study plan, and taking into consideration the principles and instructions which will facilitate the procedures of registration in the courses appropriate to each student's study plan.
Beginning with the Summer Session of the Academic Year 2008-2009, students will be able to enroll in courses via electronic registration, which will allow the students to use the services offered by the electronic registration system, without going directly to their academic advisors, thus the main process of registration will primarily depend on the student's study plan and the acquired, and remaining, credit hours in this study plan.
This will be done in accordance with all terms and instructions of the registration process. Naturally, the electronic registration service will not override the role of the academic advisor; The Deanship of Admissions and Registration provides special facilities for academic advisors to be available during the registration and add-and-drop periods in order to advise all students who are not able to make use of the electronic registration system.
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