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Waleed Sami Abu-Aysheh

Waleed Sami Abu-Aysheh Student's number: 201110753
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of Master of Business Administration
University of Petra
APRIL 4, 2014
Management Perception towards Applying Quality Management In Jordanian Private Hospitals
Waleed Sami Abu-Aysheh
University of Petra, 2014
Under the Supervision of Dr. Abdullah Abuhamad
The research aims to compare Quality Management (QM) perception among accredited and non–accredited groups of Jordanian private hospitals. The focus is to investigate Middle Level Management (MLM) and Front Level Management (FLM) perception in each group of accredited and non–accredited hospitals toward QM based on Malcolm Baldrige's six dimensions, including commitment of management, plans and strategies, patients’ satisfaction, mode of hospital data analysis, continuous improvement of the quality management, and qualifications of hospitals employees. In addition, the focus is to investigate the QM perception across accredited and non-accredited Jordanian private hospitals according to management gender, age and level of education.
To achieve research objectives, Quantitative research approach was employed. The needed data for this study was taken from a survey across three accredited hospitals and four non-accredited Jordanian private hospitals. Minitab 15.0 statistical software application was used for analyzing the collected data.
The research results show significant differences in management perception toward QM between accredited and non-accredited Jordanian private hospitals at all dimensions of QM. They also show no differences in QM perception between MLM and FLM in accredited Jordanian private hospitals, and the opposite occurs in the non-accredited Jordanian private hospitals. Accordingly, the research suggests several
recommendations. First, Private Jordanian Hospitals need to implement accreditation standards. Performing accreditations could be used as a tool to improve and support the QM performance in Jordanian private hospitals and inconsequence raise quality of their service. Second, hospitals have to work hard to improve management perception about QM and accreditation at front and middle level especially those involved in quality process by providing continued periodic training to them.
Key words: Quality Management (QM), Malcolm Baldrige, Non-Accreditation (NAC), Accreditation (AC), Middle Level Management (MLM), Front Level Management (FLM).
By God's willing and help and by the support of my supervisor and my family, the completion of this study was possible. I really enjoyed my thesis work. I was excited in all its stages of progress. I would like to thank all the people who helped me towards reaching this moment. I would like to thank my supervisor Dr. Abdullah Abuhamad, who was always ready to provide supervision and feedback, and who carefully reviewed the research, and his great support to improve this work.
I would like to thank my parents for their patience and continuous support that expanded until this moment. Finally, yet importantly, I would like to thank the hospitals that provided the support and the required data to accomplish this work.