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Fadi Abd Al Kareem Al Saifi

Rendition of Allegory in Contemporary Political Discourse: A Study
in Translated Corpora
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the
Master's Degree of Arts in English Language and Translation
Fadi Abd Al Kareem Al Saifi
Supervised By:
Professor A.B. As-Safi
Amman, Jordan
May, 2014
My Late Sister Jihad,
My Dearest Parents
And Brother.
My greatest gratitude and deepest appreciation are due to professor
Abdel-Baki As-Safi who whole-heartedly initiated, conscientiously supported
and diligently supervised this research with indispensible guidance and
perseverance. He has been a constant source of insights, ideas and inspiration
throughout the whole research.
My deepest unconditional love goes to my parents and brother
Mohammad ‘Mutaz’ for all their moral support and thoughtfulness throughout
the preparation of this thesis.
I would like to thank the committee members for the useful feedback they
provided and their patience in reading thoroughly through the thesis.
Finally, I would like to thank the University of Petra and in particular Dr.
Nehal Omeira who has been abundantly helpful starting from the day I joined
the university up to the end of the course of this thesis.