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Eman Barakat Abu Hmees

Translating and Editing O’Connell’s King Counsel into
Arabic with Reference to Formal vs Free Translations
A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the
degree of Master of Arts in Translation
Eman Barakat Abu Hmees
Supervised by
Prof. Abdullah Shunnaq
Dr. Nafez Shammas
Amman, Jordan
January 2014
To His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein, who wants Jordan to
be the Paradise on Earth
To my parents, brothers and sister who I always pray to Allah to protect
And to the people who seek security in the Arab World.
First, all thanks go to Allah “Be Praised and Glorified”, for giving me health, patience
and the ability to complete this work.
I would like to express my sincere gratitude and deepest appreciation to my supervisor,
Professor Abdullah Shunnaq, who has been of a great support to me while writing my thesis,
giving critical and remarkable comments throughout every stage of my study.
My appreciation is expressed to my supervisor Dr. Nafez Shammas for his
encouragement during my MA program at University of Petra.
I am also grateful to the to the examining committee members: Prof. Rajai Al- Khanji,
Prof. Majed Al-Najjar and Dr. Ula Al-Dabagh, for their time and effort in reading and discussing
my thesis.
Father and mother, words cannot express my deep love to you. I am really indebted to
you as you brightened my way, gave me patience during my hard times and encouraged me to
finish this work. My thanks are also extended to my brothers and sister: Alaa, Ahmad, Abdullah,
Kareem and Ghaidaa. May Allah protect you all.
My great appreciation is expressed to Professor Adnan Badran, the President of the
University of Petra, for his support. My sincere thanks go to the staff of the International and
Public Relations Department in the University of Petra for their help and encouragement.
I am also appreciative to Dr. Ebrahim Khalil for his effort in rewriting the free translation
Finally, special thanks go to my cousins, Farah, Falak and Malak, my colleagues Hala, Rewa,
Alaa, Hanan and my other friends for their support and encouragement.