LAG Project
Title: Intelligent Distribution and Sharing of Solar Power through a Small-Scale Local Area Grid
Principle Investigator: Prof Ghassan Issa
Co-Applicants:           Prof Ahmad Harb (GJU)
                                Dr. Mohammad Abu Arqoub
                                Dr. Ali Al Maqousi
                                Dr. Ahmad Shbeita
                               Eng. Abdel Karim Al Banna
Funded by:    Scientific Support Research Fund – SRSF (
Co Funded by: University of Petra (
Project Abstract: The Cost of installing a photovoltaic solar system for household remains high and exceeds the budget of most residential homes. This cost issue becomes even more serious in a country such as Jordan with a relatively low income per capita, and where 96% of required oil and gas are imported. The proposed project gives the opportunity for low to middle income neighboring households to share  the  cost photovoltaic  solar  systems,  thus reducing the cost of installation, while at the same time reducing their electric bill considerably. It is based on resource sharing and power distribution, and is intended to be used in households existing within close proximity such as residential buildings or complexes. At  the core  of  the  proposed  system,  is  an  Intelligent  Power  Distribution  and  Control  Unit  (IPDC  Unit) that  provides instantaneous monitoring, protection and control. It is an embedded Operating System that reads the status of generated power, power requirements  for  each  home,  power  quota  for  each  home,  and  accordingly  controls  a  set  of hardware devices to distribute the power in a most efficient manner based on usage and quota. Each connected home will be fed with a power line that comes directly from the electric utility company, combined by a second power line that comes from the system.  Both  power lines are combined using a distribution unit.  The electricity bill for a home is calculated by subtracting the photovoltaic generated power from the total power requirements. An Internal Monitoring and Control Unit (located inside the home) is also used to feed the system (and the user or home owner)  with  accurate  and  instantaneous  power  consumption  readings,  and  in  turn switches  house  appliances  on  or  off, based on the available generated power, and based on pre-set appliance priority list.
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