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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Admission to the Master's Program

To be admitted to the Master's Program at the University of Petra, students must:

  • Hold Bachelor's Degree in a related field of study from an accredited university.
  • Have earned a GPA of at least 3.0 or equivalent.
  • Hold Bachelor's Degree relevant to the Master's Programs offered at UOP.
  • Have been classified as full-time regular students during their past study for the Bachelor's Degree.
  • A student is not permitted to register for two different Master's Programs simultaneously during any stage of his/her study.
  • If a student is suspended from any Master's Program, he/she cannot be reinstated in the same program.



  • Special Topic Courses:

A student can take only one course labeled "Special Topic"

  • Alternative Courses:

Graduate students are permitted to substitute one elective course (700 level) with another course from a closely related program, only after the recommendation of the Department Council and the approval of the Faculty Council. 

  • Pre-Master's Courses:

The Department Council may require any admitted student to register for a maximum of (9) hours of pre-Master's Courses. These courses do not contribute to the required credit hours nor to the calculation of student's GPA. The student must pass these courses before the end of the first academic year of the Master's Program.

  • Period of Study for the Master's Program:

The minimum period of study for the Master's Program has been set for three semesters, while the maximum period is six semesters. A student can postpone up to two semesters. Deferred semester(s) are not counted in the maximum period of study.

  • Course Load:

The minimum permitted course load in any given semester is (6) credit hours, while the maximum is (12) credit hours. An academic year consists of two semesters, 16 weeks each. The Summer Course should not be less than (8) consecutive weeks, and can be used for the completion of projects, training, or for research purposes.



  • A student can transfer from one Master's program to another, if he/she receives proper approvals and recommendations from the Department Council, Faculty Council, and the Graduate Studies' Council.
  • A student can transfer his/her graduate courses from other universities to the University of Petra if a similar program is offered at UOP, if there is a vacancy in that program, and if the student fulfills the basic admission requirements at UOP.
  • Transferred courses are not to exceed (12) credit hours with a grade not less than a "B" or "Good" in each of the transferred courses. The content and level of transferred courses must also match those offered by the University of Petra's Master's Program.
  • Courses that contibuted towards any previously acquired scientific degree will not be considered for transfer.
  • In the case of transferring (9 – 12) credit hours at most from another university, no more than one full semester will be waivered.
  • During the course of study, a student is permitted to change his/her major only one time.
  • A student is allowed to study a maximum of (6) Credit Hours in a different accredited institution, provided he/she received the proper approvals (Department Council, Faculty Council, and Graduate Study Council), and providing it is not his/her last semester of study.
  • Courses studied outside Petra University do not contribute toward the student's GPA. 
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