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Name : Ula Al-Dabbagh

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 6235       Ext No 6235

Email :

Specialization: Translation Studies and Linguistics

Graduate Of: University of Edinburgh






    University of Kuwait
    University of Bath
    United Kingdom
    University of Edinburgh
    United Kingdom

Responsibilities include managing and facilitating the following: - Communicating with the representatives of national, regional and international academic institutions and organising meetings with them prior to and during their visit to Jordan. - Overseeing the signing of the agreements and MOUs with academic and non-academic institutions. - Overseeing the implementation of the signed agreements and MOUs between the University of Petra and other academic and non-academic institutions. - Overseeing the implementation of the administrative work pertaining to the Global Partnerships & Relations Office.

  • Book

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " At-Takamul An-naqdiy Bayna Al-Urdun wa Filisteen " , "",Vol.,No., Dar Al-Manahij, Amman, Jordan, 09/26/2000 Abstract:
      A translated book

  • Journal Paper

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Unmotivated Shifts in Literary Translation Ghasan Kanafani's The Little One Goes to the Camp as a Case Study " , "Al-Basaer",Vol.10,No.1, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan, 05/01/2006 Abstract:
      This paper studies the unmotivated shifts that professional translators make in the act of rendering some textual and pragmatic features of a literary text from Arabic into English. It also examines the implications these shifts have on the communicative force of the message transmitted to the target text readers. Download

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " The Explicitation Hypothesis and Non-Professional Translators: A Case Study " , "International Journal of Arabic-English Studies",Vol.9,No., Librairie du Liban Publisher, Beirut, Lebanon, 10/01/2008 Abstract:
      This paper tries to test whether the explicitation hypothesis applies to the translations of non-professional translators by analysing the work of fourth year students majoring in translation at Petra University. The analysis of the students' translated texts has revealed that non-professional student translators 'spell out' information that is implicit in the source language text, and hence produce texts that are more explicit than the original. Download

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Translators and Culture Transfer: English Translations of Palestinian Novels " , "XVIII FIT World Congress Proceedings",Vol.,No., Foreign Languages Press, Beijing, China, 12/30/2008 Abstract:
      This paper tries to investigate whether the translators' cultural background, and hence familiarity with the source language culture, affect the strategies that these translators employ in overcoming the cultural mismatches encountered in rendering Palestinian novels from Arabic into English. Download

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Assessing the Quality of Free Online Machine Translation Services " , "International Journal of Translation",Vol.26,No.1, Bahri Publications, New Delhi, 01/30/2014 Abstract:
      Free Online Machine Translation Services have been introduced to provide users with a general idea about topics originally written in languages they do not master. This paper argues that when these services are used to render texts from English into Arabic, they fail to fulfill the aforementioned objective because the translation output is incomprehensible. This entails that unless the effectiveness of these translation services is reassessed, and improvements are made to ensure better quality translations, these services will continue to act as a stumbling block to communication. To illustrate the inadequacies of these translation tools, translations produced by Google Translate are analysed and discussed. Download

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Teaching Theory and Practice to Traineee Translators: Putting Together the Pieces of the Jigsaw Puzzle " , "US-China Foreign Language",Vol.11,No.10, David Publishing, America, 11/01/2013 Abstract:
      This paper rests on the assumption that theory and practice should be given equal weight when designing translation courses offered to trainee translators. It, therefore, argues that theory is not merely an embellishment in such courses but a complementary component to the practical part. To test this assumption, a multi-level translator training module that incorporates theory and practice has been designed for the 'Introduction to Translation' course offered to trainee translators at the University of Petra, Jordan.

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Teaching Subtitling at Jordan Universities: An Untapped Territory " , "Journal of Language Teaching and Research",Vol.8,No., Academy Publication, United Kingdom, 01/01/2017

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Patrons and the Translation of Arabic Fiction into English: Guilty Until Proven Othewise " , "Theory and Practice in Language Studies",Vol.5,No., Academy Publication, United Kingdom, 04/01/2015

      Ula Al-Dabbagh & Hiba Amr, " Reconciliation or Alienation: The Representation of the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Jordanian Print Media: Al-Ghad Newspaper as a Case Study " , "Theory and Practice in Language Studies",Vol.10,No., Academy Publication, UK, 06/05/2020

      Ula Al-Dabbagh & Abdallah Al-Mrahleh, " The Deceptively Simple: Translating Donald Trump's Posts on Twitter into Arabic " , "Research on Humanities and Social Sciences",Vol.11,No., IISTE, USA, 11/23/2021 Abstract:
      This paper investigates the translation strategies that have been employed in translating Donald Trump’s posts on Twitter from English into Arabic, taking into consideration Trump’s use of language characterized by the excessive use of sentence fragments, colloquialism and a discourse that generally

  • Conference paper

      Ula Al-Dabbagh, " Free Online Machine Translation Services as Providers of Gist Translation: A Fiction or a Reality " , "",Vol.,No., , , 11/30/2010 Abstract:
      Free online machine translation service providers, like Wordlingo, Google Translate and Babel Fish among others, claim that these services offer gist translations that help users get a general idea about texts they want translated from languages they do not master. However, linguistic research conducted on the efficacy of the translation output produced by these services, especially for the language pair English-Arabic, reveals that the linguistic flaws prevalent in the translated output result in texts that are incomprehensible, and hence fail to fulfill the goal set by these service providers. With this in mind, this paper tries to investigate how the users of Google Translate rate the quality of the English-Arabic translations carried out by this service. To conduct the study, a questionnaire was developed whereby 100 participants assess the effectiveness and adequacy of four different text-types translated from English into Arabic by Google Translate. Download
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