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Name : Hesham Alomyan

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Head of Department

Office 6207       Ext No 6207

Email :

Specialization: Instructional Technology

Graduate Of: University of South Australia

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    Curtin Univeristy of Technology
    University of South Australia

  • Journal Paper

      Alomyan, H, " Exploration of Instructional Strategies and Individual Differences " , "International Education Journal",Vol.4,No.4, , Adelaide, South Australia, 07/08/2004 Abstract:
      Individual differences have been identified as important factors that might have significant impact on students’ learning. This study investigated the effect of student’s cognitive styles, achievement motivation, prior knowledge, and attitudes on student’s achievement in web-based learning. A web-based course was designed for second year university students in an educational psychology class. Cognitive Style Analysis (CSA), Achievement Motivation Scale (AMS), and Attitude Scale (AS) were administered to a sample of 71 second-year university students enrolled in the educational psychology class. Findings of the study revealed that no significant differences (0.05) in achievement between field-dependent and field-independent students. Also, students with different characteristics learned equally well in webbased learning. The students enjoyed the convenience of web based learning. Competition and high expectation were the motivating forces in web based learning.. Prior knowledge and motivation seemed to be the only significant factors that explained more than 25 per cent of student achievement measured by class grade. Download

      Alomyan, H
      In the past ten years the Web has attracted many educators for purposes of teaching and learning. The main advantage of the Web lies in its non-linear interaction. That is, students can have more control over their learning paths. However, this freedom of control may cause, for some students problems such as disorientation, cognitive overload and control problems. To investigate these problems researchers have shifted there focus towards finding how is web-based learning used by learners with different characteristics and styles. In this paper, we outline the findings of some research on individual differences in the context of web-based learning. We also address how webbased learning systems can be adapted to learners’ needs and styles. And then we suggest an adaptive web-based learning model, based on the analysis of findings obtained from these studies. Download

      Alomyan, H and Au, w, " An Investigation of the Effect of Cognitive Style and Different Presentation Strategies on Students’ Information Retrieval in a Web-based Learning Environment " , "Paper presented at the Educational Research Conference 2008",Vol.,No., , Adelaide, South Australia, 07/11/2008

      Hesham Alomyan, " Web-based learning: cognitive style and instructional strategies " , "Australian Educational Computing",Vol.,No., Australian Council for Computers in Education, , 03/10/2016

      Hesham Alomyan & Greg Yates, " An Investigation of the Effect of Web-assisted Learning on Students’ Academic Achievement and Attitudes " , "International Conference on Education, Teaching & Learning (ICE18Swiss Conference)",Vol.,No., Greater Vision Conferences & Seminars, , 07/13/2018

      Ali Al-Elaimat, Majdi Adheisat, Hesham Alomyan, " The relationship between parenting styles and emotional intelligence of kindergarten children " , "Journal of Early Child Development and Care",Vol.10,No., Taylor & Francis, UK, 03/06/2018

  • Chapter in a Book

      Hesham Alomyan, " Issues in Web-Based Learning " , "Learner Experience and Usability in Online Education",Vol.,No., IGI Global, , 05/10/2018

  • Conference paper

      Alomyan, H and Au, W, " Cognitive styles, achievement motivation, prior knowledge and attitudes in web-based learning " , "Paper presented at the Second International Conference on Multimedia and ICTs in Education",Vol.,No., , BadajoZ, Spain, 07/12/2003 Abstract:

      Hesham Alomyan, " A conceptual framework for web-based learning " , "International Conference e-Learning ",Vol.,No., International Association for Development of the Information Society , , 07/13/2017

      Hesham Alomyan and Deborah Green, " Learning theories: Implications for online learning " , "2019 The 3rd International Conference on E-Society, E-Education and E-Technology",Vol.3,No., ICSET, Barcelona, Spain, 07/14/2019
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