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Name : Thaer Barri

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 7213       Ext No 7213

Email :

Specialization: Chemistry

Graduate Of: University of Lund






    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    Jordan University of Science and Technology
    University of Lund
    University of Lund

1- Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry 

Department of Chemistry, King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 

2- Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry  

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Lund University, Sweden

3- Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry with applications in metabolomics  

Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark 

4- Postdoctoral fellow  

Department of Human Nutrition, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark

5- Postdoctoral fellow  

Division of Analytical and Environmental Toxicology, Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, University of Alberta, Alberta, Canada.


  • Book

      Thaer Barri, " Downsized, Membrane-based and Environmentally Green Extraction Systems: Applications for Biological and Environmental Aqueous Samples " , "",Vol....,No., VDM-Verlag Publishing Group, Germany, 02/09/2010 Abstract:
      Current analyte extraction and preconcentration procedures consume large quantities of often toxic organic solvents. These hazardous solvents have impacts on user health and surrounding environment, and thus considered human and environmentally unfriendly. Therefore, there has been an increasing dem

  • Journal Paper

      Kati Hanhineva, Thaer Barri , Marjukka Kolehmainen, Arto Vesterbacka, Gloria Solano-Aguilar, Hannu Mykk?nen, Lars Dragsted, Joseph Urban, Kaisa Poutanen,, " Comparative non-targeted metabolite profiling of metabolic changes in tissues and bio-fluids in high-fat diet fed Ossabaw pig " , "Journal of Proteome Research",Vol.12 (5),No., American Chemical Society, United States of America, 06/27/2013 Abstract:
      Typical clinical biomarker analyses on urine and plasma samples from human dietary interventions do not provide adequate information about diet-induced metabolic changes taking place in tissues. The aim of this study was to show how a large-scale nontargeted metabolomic approach can be used to revea

      G?zde Gürdeniz, Louise Hansen, Morten Arendt Rasmussen, Anja Olsen, Jane Christensen, Kim Overvad, Evrim Acar, Thaer Barri , Anne Tj?nneland and Lars O. Dragsted, " Patterns of time since last meal revealed by SPCA in an observational LC-MS based metabolomics study " , "Metabolomics",Vol.9 (5),No., Springer , Germany, Berlin, 03/29/2013 Abstract:
      In metabolomics studies, liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC–MS) provides comprehensive information on biological samples. However, extraction of few relevant metabolites from this large and complex data is cumbersome. To resolve this issue, we have employed sparse principal component analys

      Maj-Britt Schmidt Andersen, Helene Christine Reinbach, ?smund Rinnan, Thaer Barri , Charlotte Elisabeth Mithril, Lars Ove Dragsted, " Discovery of exposure markers in urine for Nordic meals and foods by UPLC-qTOF-MS untargeted metabolomics " , "Metabolomics",Vol.9 (5),No., Springer , Germany, Berlin, 03/27/2013 Abstract:
      An untargeted metabolomics approach has been applied to discover and identify exposure markers in urine for nine Nordic meals. A cross-over meal study was carried out in 17 subjects. The meals included a Pie, a Soup and a Barleyotto (pearl barley based risotto), each prepared with three protein sour

      Anna Johansson, Thaer Barri , Matilda Ulmius, Lars O. Dragsted, Gunilla ?nning, " Metabolomic profiles in human plasma after high dietary fiber intake during five weeks " , "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry",Vol.405 (14),No., Springer , Germany, Berlin, 03/28/2013 Abstract:
      The objective was to investigate the alterations of plasma metabolome profiles to identify exposure and effect markers of dietary fiber intake. Subjects (n = 25) aged 58.6 (1.1) years (mean and SD) with a body mass index of 26.6 (0.5) kg/m2 were given a high fiber (HF) and a low fiber (LF) diet, in

      Uusitupa U, Hermansen K, Savolainen MJ, Schwab U, Kolehmainen M, Brader L, Sundahl Mortensen L, Cloetens L, Johansson A, ?nning G, Landin-Olsson M, Herzig KH, Hukkanen J, Rosqvist F, Iggman D, Paanane, " Isocaloric healthy Nordic diet improves lipid profile and inflammatory markers in metabolic syndrome – A randomized study (SYSDIET) " , "Journal of Internal Medicine",Vol.274 (1),No., Wiley, Germany, Berlin, 02/07/2013 Abstract:
      :Background Different healthy food patterns may modify cardiometabolic risk. We investigated the effects of an isocaloric healthy Nordic diet on insulin sensitivity, lipid profile, blood pressure and inflammatory markers in people with metabolic syndrome. :Methods We conducted a randomi

      Thaer Barri and Lars Ove Dragsted, " UPLC-ESI-QTOF/MS and multivariate data analysis for blood plasma and serum metabolomics: Effect of experimental artefacts and anticoagulant " , "Analytica Chimica Acta",Vol.768,No., Elsevier, England, 01/10/2013 Abstract:
      Clotting and anticoagulation of blood samples may give rise to different metabolic profiles of serum and plasma samples, respectively. The anticoagulant used for blood plasma preparation may affect the resulting metabolic profile due to different mechanisms involved in anticoagulation by various age

      Isabel Bondia-Pons, Thaer Barri , Kati Haninheva, Kati Juntunen, Lars Ove Dragsted, Hannu Mykk?nen, Kaisa Poutanen, " UPLC‐QTOF/MS metabolic profiling unveils urinary changes in humans after a whole grain rye versus refined wheat bread intervention " , "Molecular Nutrition and Food Research ",Vol.57 (3),No., Wiley, England, 01/10/2013 Abstract:
      Scope: Non‐targeted urine metabolite profiling has not been previously exploited in the field of whole grain (WG) products. WG products, particularly rye, are important elements in a healthy Nordic diet. The aim of this study was to identify novel urinary biomarkers of WG rye bread (RB) intake in a

      Thaer Barri , Jens Holmer-Jensen, Kjeld Hermansen, Lars O. Dragsted, " Metabolic fingerprinting of high fat plasma samples processed by centrifugation- and filtration-based protein precipitation delineates significant differences in metabolite information coverage " , "Analytica Chimica Acta",Vol.718,No., Elsevier, England, 03/09/2012 Abstract:
      Metabolomics and metabolic fingerprinting are being extensively employed for improved understanding of biological changes induced by endogenous or exogenous factors. Blood serum or plasma samples are often employed for metabolomics studies. Plasma protein precipitation (PPP) is currently performed i

      Eduvigis Rold?n-Mar?n, Britta N. Krath, Morten Poulsen, Mona-Lise Binderup, Tom H. Nielsen, Max Hansen, Thaer Barri , S?ren Langkilde, M. Pilar Cano, Concepci?n S?nchez-Moreno and Lars O. Dragsted, " Effects of an onion by-product on bioactivity and safety markers in healthy rats " , "British Journal of Nutrition",Vol.102 (11),No., Cambridge University Press, England, 08/17/2009 Abstract:
      Onions are excellent sources of bioactive compounds including fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) and polyphenols. An onion by-product was characterised in order to be developed as a potentially bioactive food ingredient. Our main aim was to investigate whether the potential health and safety effects of t

      Jonathan W. Martin, Thaer Barri , Xiumei Han, Phillip M. Fedorak, Mohamed Gamal El-Din, Leo Perez, Jason Tiange Jiang, " Ozonation of Oil Sands Process-Affected Water Accelerates Microbial Bioremediation " , "Environmental Science and Technology",Vol.44 (21),No., American Chemical Society, United States of America, 10/07/2010 Abstract:
      Ozonation can degrade toxic naphthenic acids (NAs) in oil sands process-affected water (OSPW), but even after extensive treatment a residual NA fraction remains. Here we hypothesized that mild ozonation would selectively oxidize the most biopersistent NA fraction, thereby accelerating subsequent NA

      Thaer Barri , Tatjana Trti ? -Petrovi ? , Michael Karlsson, Jan ?ke J?nsson, " Characterization of drug–protein binding process by employing equilibrium sampling through hollow-fiber supported liquid membrane and Bjerrum and Scatchard plots " , "Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis",Vol.48 (1),No., Elsevier, England, 09/10/2008 Abstract:
      The technique equilibrium sampling through membrane (ESTM) was extended to measuring the free drug concentration in solutions of drug and protein. Bjerrum and Scatchard plots were employed for characterizing individual drug binding to pure human blood proteins. Four drugs were investigated as a mode

      Faiz Ullah Shah , Thaer Barri , Jan ?ke J?nsson, Kerstin Skog, " Determination of heterocyclic aromatic amines in human urine by using hollow-fibre supported liquid membrane extraction and liquid chromatography-ultraviolet detection system " , "Journal of Chromatography B",Vol.870 (2),No., Elsevier, England, 07/15/2008 Abstract:
      A hollow-fibre supported liquid membrane (HF-SLM) extraction method has been developed for determination of 11 heterocyclic aromatic amines (HCAs) in human urine samples by using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) equipped with an ultraviolet (UV) absorbance detector. These compounds were

      T. A. M. Msagati, T. Barri , N. Larsson, J ? J?nsson, " Analysis and quantification of parabens in cosmetic products by utilizing hollow fibre‐supported liquid membrane and high performance liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection " , "International Journal of Cosmetic Science",Vol.30 (4),No., Wiley, England, 07/11/2008 Abstract:
      A simple and direct method based on hollow fibre‐supported liquid membrane (HFSLM) extraction and liquid chromatography equipped with a UV detector was developed for analysis and quantification of parabens in cosmetic products. The parabens analysed included methyl, ethyl, propyl, isobutyl and butyl

      Jon Lezamiz, Thaer Barri , Jan ?ke J?nsson, Kerstin Skog, " A simplified hollow-fibre supported liquid membrane extraction method for quantification of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP) in urine and plasma samples " , "Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry",Vol.390,No., Wiley, England, 11/06/2007 Abstract:
      A simple and easy-to-use extraction procedure has been optimised, validated, and applied for extraction of 2-amino-1-methyl-6-phenylimidazo[4,5-b]pyridine (PhIP) in urine and spiked plasma samples. PhIP is a carcinogenic and mutagenic heterocyclic aromatic amine that is formed during cooking of meat

      Thaer Barri and Jan-?ke J?nsson, " Advances and developments in membrane extraction for gas chromatography: Techniques and applications " , "Journal of Chromatography A",Vol.1186 (1-2 issues ),No., Elsevier, England, 04/04/2008 Abstract:
      This review article focuses on advances and technical developments of the realm of membrane extraction techniques for the analytes that are (made) amenable to gas chromatographic analysis, and sheds light on the analytical applications to biological and environmental samples. In this review, the sta

      Saioa Zorita, Thaer Barri and Lennart Mathiasson,, " A novel hollow-fibre microporous membrane liquid–liquid extraction for determination of free 4-isobutylacetophenone concentration at ultra trace level in environmental aqueous samples " , "Journal of Chromatography A",Vol.1157 (issues 1-2),No., Elsevier, England, 07/20/2007 Abstract:
      In this study, a method was developed for determination of the free concentration of 4-isobutylacetophenone, a toxic degradation product of ibuprofen, in river and sewage water samples from Sweden. Sample preparation and analysis were performed by a hollow-fibre microporous membrane liquid–liquid ex

      Staffan Bergstr?m , Thaer Barri , Jan Norberg and Jan-?ke J?nsson and Lennart Mathiasson, " Extracting syringe for extraction of phthalate esters in aqueous environmental samples " , "Analytica Chimica Acta",Vol.594 (issues 2),No., Elsevier, England, 07/02/2007 Abstract:
      The use of the extracting syringe (ESy), a fully automated membrane-based extraction technique, for analysis of phthalate esters in complex aqueous samples has been investigated. The ESy, working as an autosampler that combines the extraction process and injection into the gas chromatograph (GC) in

      N?ria Fontanals, Thaer Barri , Staffan Bergstr?m and Jan-?ke J?nsson, " Determination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers at trace levels in environmental waters using hollow-fiber microporous membrane liquid–liquid extraction and gas chromatography–mass spectrometry " , "Journal of Chromatography A",Vol.1133 (issues 1-2),No., Elsevier, England, 11/10/2006 Abstract:
      In this study, we present a simple and easy-to-use extraction method that is based on a hollow-fiber microporous membrane liquid–liquid extraction (HF-MMLLE), as an extraction technique, followed by gas chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC–MS) to determine a group of brominated flame retardants (BFR

      Thaer Barri , Staffan Bergstr?m, Ahmed Hussen, Jan Norberg and Jan-?ke J?nsson, " Extracting Syringe for determination of organochlorine pesticides in leachate water and soil-water slurry: A novel technology for environmental analysis " , "Journal of Chromatography A",Vol.1111 (issue 1),No., Elsevier, England, 04/07/2006 Abstract:
      The Extracting Syringe (ESy), a novel membrane-based sample preparation technique directly coupled as an autosampler to gas chromatography, has been employed for the analysis of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) in raw leachate water. The ESy has also been applied for extraction of OCPs from contamin

      Yahya R. Tahboub, Mohammad F. Zaater and Thaer A. Barri , " Simultaneous identification and quantitation of selected organochlorine pesticide residues in honey by full-scan gas chromatography–mass spectrometry " , "Analytica Chimica Acta",Vol.1111 (issue 1),No., Elsevier, England, 02/03/2006 Abstract:
      In this work, we report a reliable method for simultaneous identification and quantitation of 11 organochlorine pesticide (OCP) residues (α-HCH, HCB, β-HCH, alachlor, heptachlor, aldrin, primiphos-ethyl (internal standard), endosulfan II, 4,4′-DDE, dieldrin, endrin and 4,4′-DDD) in honey. The method

      Thaer Barri, Staffan Bergstr?m, Jan Norberg, and Jan ?ke J?nsson, " Miniaturized and Automated Sample Pretreatment for Determination of PCBs in Environmental Aqueous Samples Using an On-Line Microporous Membrane Liquid−Liquid Extraction-Gas Chromatography System " , "Analytical Chemistry",Vol.76 (issue 7),No., American Chemical Society, United States of America, 02/24/2004 Abstract:
      A new, fast, and automated sample pretreatment technique for determination of lipophilic organic compounds in aqueous samples has been developed and applied to the determination of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in environmental river water. It is based on miniaturized microporous membrane liquid−

      Th. Barri and J. ?. J?nsson, " Supported Liquid Membrane Work-Up of Blood Plasma Samples Coupled On-Line to Liquid Chromatographic Determination of Basic Antidepressant Drugs " , "Chromatographia",Vol.59,No., Springer , Germany, Berlin, 02/16/2004 Abstract:
      An automated sample pretreatment of human blood plasma for liquid chromatographic determination of three antidepressant drugs, dibenzepine; a tricyclic antidepressant (TCA), reboxetine; a selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor (SNRI) and fluvoxamine; a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSR

  • Chapter in a Book

      J. ?. J?nsson and Th. Barri, " EXTRACTION/ Supported-Liquid Membrane Extraction " , "Encyclopedia of Separation Science",Vol....,No., Elsevier, England, 08/06/2007 Abstract:
      Supported-liquid membrane (SLM) extraction is a miniaturized version of liquid–liquid extraction (LLE), involving a hydrophobic membrane containing an organic solvent in the pores. Compared to LLE, it uses microliter-volumes of organic solvents, and provides high enrichment, outstanding clean-up and

      Thaer Barri and Jan ?ke J?nsson, " Modern Techniques of Analyte Extraction " , "Analytical Measurements in Aquatic Environments",Vol....,No., Taylor and Francis Group, Florida, USA, 09/09/2009 Abstract:
      The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development in 1992 emphasized the sustainable development of human life. The output of the Rio summit clearly outlined and recommended several principles that all countries are advised to recognize. A couple of these principles stressed the need for the reduct
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