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Name : Derar Hasan Abdel-Qader

Academic Rank: Associate Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office       Ext No

Email :

Specialization: Clinical Pharmacotherapy

Graduate Of: The University of Manchester






    American Institute of Healthcare and Hospital Mana
    United States of America
    The University of Jordan
    The University of Huddersfield
    United Kingdom
    The University of Manchester
    United Kingdom

  • Journal Paper

      Abdel-Qader DH, Al Meslamani AZ, Lewis PJ, Hamadi S, " Incidence, nature, severity, and causes of dispensing errors in community pharmacies in Jordan. " , "",Vol.11,No., springer, Amman, Jordan, 08/17/2020

      Abdel?Qader, D.H., Al Meslamani, A.Z., El-Shara', A.A., Ismael, N.S., Albassam, A., Lewis, P.J., Hamadi, S., Abbas, H.S., Al Mazrouei, N. and Mohamed Ibrahim, O, " Investigating prescribing errors in the emergency department of a large governmental hospital in Jordan. " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 08/17/2020

      Abdel-Qader DH, Saadi Ismael N, Al Meslamani AZ, et al, " The Role of Clinical Pharmacy in Preventing Prescribing Errors in the Emergency Department of a Governmental Hospital in Jordan: A Pre-Post Study " , "",Vol.11,No., sagepub, Amman, Jordan, 07/15/2020

      Abdel-Qader DH, Albassam A, Ismael NS, El-Shara' AA, Shehri A, Almutairi FS, Al-Harbi DM, Al Zahrani MM, Chen LC, Al Mazrouei N, Mohamed Ibrahim O, " Awareness of Antibiotic Use and Resistance in Jordanian Community " , "",Vol.11,No., ncbi, Amman, Jordan, 01/17/2020

      Abdel-Qader DH, Al Meslamani AZ, " Knowledge and Beliefs of Jordanian Community Toward E-cigarettes: A National Survey. " , "",Vol.11,No., ncbi, Amman, Jordan, 08/09/2020

      Abdel-Qader DH, Albassam A, Ismael NS, Aljamal MS, Chen L, Mansoor K, Hamadi S, Al Mazrouei N, Al Meslamani AZ , " Herbal medicine use in the Jordanian population: A nationally representative cross-sectional survey. " , "",Vol.11,No., jppres, Amman, Jordan, 06/16/2020

      Abdel-Qader, D.H., Albassam, A., Ismael, N.S. et al. , " Community pharmacists’ knowledge of and attitudes toward antibiotic use, resistance, and self-medication in Jordan. " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 07/03/2021

      Derar H Abdel-Qader, Najlaa Saadi Ismael, Abdullah Albassam, Asma’ A El-Shara’, Mohammed S Aljamal, Rami Ismail, Hasan A Abdel-Qader, Salim Hamadi, Nadia Al Mazrouei, Osama Mohamed Ibrahim, " Antibiotics use and appropriateness in two Jordanian children hospitals: a point prevalence study " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 08/17/2021

      Shehade, S. A. A., Abdel-Qader, D. H., Zarzour, R. H. A., Alshehadeh, A. R., & Hamadi, S. (2020), " Self-Medication Practice among Amman’s Householders: Prevalence and Factors " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 08/17/2021

      Osama Mohamed Ibrahim, Rana M. Ibrahim, Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani, and Nadia Al Mazrouei, " Evaluation of Telepharmacy Services in Light of COVID-19 " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 05/17/2020

      Nadia Al Mazrouei, Rana M Ibrahim, Ahmad Z Al Meslamani, Derar H Abdel-Qader, Adel Shaban Sadeq, Osama Mohamed Ibrahim, " he evolving role of community pharmacists during COVID-19 in the UAE; assessing preparedness and knowledge, International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, 2020. " , "",Vol.11,No., International Journal of Pharmacy Practice, Amman, Jordan, 05/15/2020

      Al Meslamani, A.Z., Abu-Naser, D., Abdel-Qader, D.H. et al. , " Assessment of inappropriate prescribing of QT interval-prolonging drugs in end-stage renal disease patients in Jordan. " , "",Vol.11,No., doi, Amman, Jordan, 07/02/2021

      Ismael, Najlaa Saadi , Nimer, Nabil Awni , Qutaiba Ahmed Al Khames Aga, Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani, Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Sura Yasir Taha Alkhammas, Zena Sattam Hamed. , " AT1R antagonists in chronically mediated COVID-19 infected patients: A literature review. " , "",Vol.11,No., jcreview, Amman, Jordan, 01/17/2020

      N Al Mazrouei, RM Ibrahim, AZ Al Meslamani, DH Abdel-Qader, " Virtual Pharmacist Interventions on Abuse/Misuse of Over-the-Counter Medications during COVID-19 versus Traditional Pharmacist Interventions " , "",Vol.11,No., japha, Amman, Jordan, 07/21/2021

      Derar H. Abdel-Qader ; Esraa E. Al Jomaa ; Jennifer Silverthorne ; Walid Shnaigat ; Salim Hamadi ; Ahmad Al Meslamani. JPHSR., " Evaluating psychiatrists’ attitudes and expectations about pharmacists’ role in psychiatry in Jordan " , "",Vol.11,No., academic, Amman, Jordan, 08/09/2021

      Esraa E Al Jomaa, Derar H Abdel-Qader, Jennifer Silverthorne, Salim Hamadi, Ahmad Z Al Meslamani, " Pharmacy students’ attitude towards providing pharmaceutical care to patients with anxiety and their knowledge of psychotropic medicines in Jordan. " , "",Vol.11,No., academic, Amman, Jordan, 03/17/2020

      Ahmad Z. Al Meslamani, Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Abdullah Albassam, Najlaa Saadi Ismael, Asma' A. El-Shara', Penny Lewis, Salim Hamadi, Esraa Al Jomaa, Nadia Al Mazrouei, " Pharmacy students' knowledge and attitude of prescribing errors " , "",Vol.11,No., japer, Amman, Jordan, 05/17/2021

      Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Judith A. Cantrill, Mary P. Tully, " Validating reasons for medication discontinuation in electronic patient records at hospital discharge " , "10.1111/j.1365-2753.2010.01486.x",Vol.11,No., J Eval Clin Pract, Amman, Jordan, 01/11/2011

      Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Lindsay Harper, Judith A. Cantrill & Mary P. Tully, " Pharmacists' interventions in prescribing errors at hospital discharge: an observational study in the context of an electronic prescribing system in a UK teaching hospital. " , "10.2165/11538310-000000000-00000",Vol.11,No., 10.2165/11538310-000000000-00000, Amman, Jordan, 11/25/2010

      Derar H. Abdel-Qader, Judith A. Cantrill & Mary P. Tully. , " Satisfaction predictors and attitudes towards electronic prescribing systems in three UK hospitals. " , "10.1007/s11096-010-9411-z",Vol.11,No., 10.1007/s11096-010-9411-z, Amman, Jordan, 07/23/2010
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