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Name : ٍٍSeham Abu Jadayil

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 8412       Ext No 8412

Email :

Specialization: Nutrition and Dietetics

Graduate Of: University of Jordan

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    University of Jordan

  • Journal Paper

      S. Abu JadayilS.Kh. TukanH.R. Takruri, " Bioavailability of Iron from Four Different Local Plants in Jordan " , "Plant Food for Human Nutrition",Vol.,No., Kluwer Academic Publishers, , 12/01/1999 Abstract:
      The bioavailability of iron from local plants (black cumin seeds, milk thistle seeds, sesame seeds and thyme leaves) was investigated. Apparent absorption of iron was calculated by subtracting fecal iron (using total collection of feces) from iron intake in Sprague-Dawley rats. Two trials of animal

      H.R. Takruri, S.Abu Jadayil, and S.KH. Tukan, " Bioavailability of Calcium, Iron and Zinc from sesame Seeds and Black Cumin Seeds (in Arabic) " , "Arab Journal for Food & nutrition.",Vol.,No., Bahrain Center for Studies and Research, , 02/01/2003

      Abu Jadayil SM, Takruri HR & Obeidat FW, " Effect of Nutrition Intervention on Macronutrient and Micronutrient Intake in a Group of Sleeve Gastrectomy Patients " , "malaysian of nutrition",Vol.,No., Malaysian J Nutrition , , 04/01/2017 Abstract:
      Introduction: There are several approaches to treat obesity including surgery in case of morbid obesity. The number of bariatric surgery patients has increased in Jordan, but in most cases there is a lack of proper nutrition intervention, monitoring, and follow up of patients. Our aim in this stu Download

      M Shakoor, M Al-Nasra, W Abu Jadayil, N Jaber, and S Abu Jadayil, " Evaluation of provided services at MRI department in a public hospital using discrete event simulation technique: A case study " , "Cogent Engineering",Vol.,No., Cogent Engineering, , 11/16/2017

      W Abu Jadayil, S Abu Jadayil, W Khraisat, M Shakoor, and Nasser Jaber., " CREATION OF DIFFERENT CELL LAYOUTS USING PART ASSIGNMENT PROCESS FOR MANUFACTURING A TRACTION DRIVE SPEED REDUCER " , "International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies.",Vol.,No., International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies., , 12/20/2017

      ? Hamed R Takruri1, Seham M Abu Jadayil, and Dima H Takruri, " Complications and Nutrient Deficiencies after Bariatric Surgery: A general review " , "Medical & Clinical Research",Vol.,No., Medical & Clinical Research, , 09/02/2018 Abstract:
      Obesity is a major public health problem worldwide; approximately 600 million adults over 18 years old are obese. Changes in the lifestyle including diet and physical activity are main causes of overweight and obesity. Use of management methods including diet, physical activity and behavioral modi

      ? Safaa A. Al-Zeidaneen1, Hadil S. Subih, Ala’a Al-Bakheit, Nahla S. Al Bayyari4 and Seham M. Abu Jadayil. , " Habitual Use of Medicinal Plants among a Group of Jordanian Elderly According to Physical Activity and Gender " , "Journal of Pharmacy and Nutrition Sciences",Vol.9,No., SET publisher, Canada, 01/01/2019 Abstract:
      Abstract: Introduction: Traditional medicine use has grown significantly in the last few decades around the world. Similarly, in Jordan. The information regarding the percentages of older adults in Jordan who adopt a healthy life-style and consuming medicinal plants along with performing physical

      Seham Abu Jadayil , Bassam Abu Jadayel , Hamed Takruri , Marwan Muwalla , Hiba Al-Sayyed, " Relationship between Anthropometric Measurements and Serum Vitamin D Levels in a Convenient Sample of Healthy Adults " , "Journal of Food and Nutrition Research",Vol.8,No., Science and Education Publishing, SLOVAKIA, 05/26/2020 Abstract:
      The deficiency of vitamin D has been linked to many factors such as; age, female gender, and obesity. An inverse relationship between serum vitamin D and the percentage of fat, body weight, and body mass index (BMI) has been found. So, this study aimed to examine the relationship between anthropom

      Seham Abu Jadayil, Bassam Abu Jadayel, Hamed Takruri, Marwan Muwalla, Andrea McGrattan d, " Study of the fluctuation of serum vitamin D concentration with time during the same day and night on a random sample of healthy adults " , "Clinical Nutrition ESPEN",Vol.46,No., Elsevier, United Kingdom, 09/13/2021 Abstract:
      Background and aims: A common practice in the assessment of vitamin D is to measure its blood level in the morning after overnight fasting. The aim of this study was to measure vitamin D during different times of the day and night for a random sample of healthy individuals, to see if there are sig
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