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Name : Eman Gheith

Academic Rank: Assistant Professor

Administrative Position : Faculty Academic Member

Office 6126       Ext No 6126

Email :

Specialization: Curriculum and method of teaching

Graduate Of: University of Jordan

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    university of jordan
    university of jordan
    University of Jordan

  • Book

      Eman Gheith and Muna Thahabiea, " human and environment " , "",Vol.,No., dar alfiker, amman,jordan, 10/01/2008 Abstract:
      this book talks about environmental issues. Download

      Jalal Zahra and Eman Gheith, " organic chemistry " , "الكيمياء العضوية كتاب مترجم",Vol.,No., دار الفكر, عمان- الاردن, 10/01/2012

  • Journal Paper

      Aseel Shwareb and Eman Gheith, " Development of the Kindergarten children Concepts and Their Exposition of the Environment Using Suggested Environmental Education Program " , "مجلة كلية التربية",Vol.32,No.4, كلية التربية -جامعة عين شمس, مصر-القاهرة, 12/01/2008 Abstract:
      Abstract\ The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of an instructional program regarding the environmental education on developing the concepts and interpretation of the kindergarten children of the environment. The subjects of the study consisted of 98 female and male children. 50 children in the experimental group and 48 children in the control group The subjects were chosen from kindergartens under the supervision of the private education directorate in Amman. The results of the study revealed: Significant difference between the two groups attributed to the teaching method in favor of the experimental group. No Significant effect for the program regarding the sex variable. In light of these findings, appropriate recommendations were suggested. Among these suggestions was the application of the environment education programs at the start of the kindergartens stage due to its significance on enhancing the kindergarten children’s attitudes and environmental behavior. Key words :( Kindergarten, environmental education) Download

      Majed Abu-Jaber • Aseel ALshawareb and Eman Gheith, " Kindergarten teachers’ beliefs toward developmentally appropriate practice in Jordan " , "Early Childhood Educ J",Vol.38,No., Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2010, , 04/06/2010 Abstract:
      Abstract The objective of this study was to examine the beliefs of Jordanian kindergarten teachers toward developmentally appropriate practices (DAP). The sample consists of 285 (14.9%) randomly selected teachers working in public and private kindergartens. A questionnaire with two parts, (1) general information and (2) teachers’ beliefs regarding DAP, was developed to answer the research questions. The items were distributed into the five dimensions of early childhood professional practice that were published by the National Association for the education of young children (NAEYC). The findings indicated that the overall mean score of kindergarten teachers’ beliefs on the five dimensions was 4.08, indicating high beliefs toward (DAP). Teachers endorsed DAP on all dimensions except establishing reciprocal relationships with families. The findings also indicated that there are no significant differences between the means of teachers’ beliefs toward teaching children according to teachers’ level of education, years of experience, or teacher’s age (except in the caring community of learners and the development and learning domains). In the light of the findings of this study, some recommendations are presented. Keywords Teachers’ beliefs  Developmentally appropriate practices  Kindergarten Download

      Eman Gheith and Aseel Shwareb, " The Development of the Conceptions Concerning Teaching and Learning Among Classroom Student / Teacher " , "مجلة العلوم التربوية والنفسية",Vol.10,No.4, جامعة البحرين, البحرين, 12/01/2009 Abstract:
      The Development of the Conceptions Concerning Teaching and Learning Among Classroom Student / Teacher Dr.eman gheith Dr.aseel shwareb Faculty of Arts & Sciences Department of Educational Sciences Petra university Abstract This study aimed to identify student/ teacher conceptions in the classroom teacher major concerning learning and teaching in a number of public and private Jordanian universities/ and to recognize the extent of the development that occur to their conceptions as they progress in the university study in the teacher education programs. The study sample consisted of (447) male and female students, studying in a number of public and private universities in Jordan. A questionnaire consisted of 34 items has been used in the study to collect information to answer the study questions. In analyzing the questionnaire results, arithmetic means, the standard deviation and statistical (t-test) were used. The study results indicated that the student/ teacher possesses a mixture of constructive and traditional conceptions concerning learning and teaching, whereas their conceptions inclined more toward the constructivism .The results also indicated that the student/ teacher conceptions concerning learning and teaching have change as they progress in the university study. The conceptions of the senior students become more constructive and less traditional compared to the freshman students with significant statistical differences. Key Words: Student/ Teacher Conceptions Concerning Learning and Teaching, Traditional Conceptions, Constructive Conceptions and Teacher Education Programs Download

      Amani jarar and Eman gheith, " The Relationship between Values, Environmental concern & Behavior:A Jordanian sample " , "Research on Humanities and Social Sciences",Vol.3,No.5, , , 05/01/2013 Abstract:
      This study aimed at identifying the system of human value of values; it also aimed at identifying the correlation between environmental concern & behaviour. consisted of 218 students, using three questionnaires to collect data. The fir paragraphs using Schwarz model; the second questionnaire included 20 paragraphs to measure environmental concern depending on the scale of Thompson and Barton, whereas the third questionnaire included 22 paragraphs to measure the environmental behaviour. Results showed that students own a system of valuesin four dimensions, but tend more to be towards the traditional values nature. Findings also showed a positive correlation between general values in two dimensions (conservatism, and self-transcendence), and environmental values whether (eco between the general values in two dimensions (Openness, S Keywords: eco-centric, anthropocentric, 1. Introduction Since the beginning of the environmental movement, in mid 1970s, researchers have attempted to ide that lead people to express concern for environmental issues. Over the last two decades, a number of studies have suggested that values should be considered a core concept in the study of environmentalism, and tried to link research on environmentalism with social psychological literature on values (Schultz and Zelezny, 1999). Therefore, we find that recent researches worldwide tried to explore underlying values that provide a basis for environmental concern and pro-environmental behavior i environmental behavior can include personal buying behavior, travel behavior, recycling and use of resources, and participation in a pro-environmental organization (Snelgar,2006).Whereas Jordanian stud environmental literacy (knowledge, attitudes and concerns) or how environmental values are in curricula contexts , but very few studies tried to explore the values and environmental con values and behavior , as in this study . Jordan has taken lots of steps in respect to environmental concern over twenty years ago. So that the Ministry of Education developed an environmental educational strateg students with the necessary information on environment , aiming at raising their environmental awareness, and enriching them with environmental values and attitudes , affecting their behavior po Noting that, Jordan is facing a lot of environmental problems, such as scarcity in water resources and increasing demand on energy. Also we can notice that most Jordanian universities introduce courses that may raise the student's awareness towards better environmental practices and behaviors. Over the years, researchers who studied values have used different theories, but the most notable one is Schwartz’s value theory. Schwartz considers values as criteria that people use to select and justify t others. He proposes five main features of values: 1) they are beliefs; 2) they transcend specific actions and situations; 3) they refer to desirable goals; 4) they guide the selections or evaluation of behaviors and events and; 5) t ordered by relative importance (Schwartz Schwartz identified ten types of value ordered in terms of four values clusters: openness to change (stimulation, self direction), conservation (conformity, tradition, security), self transcendence (welfare for others, universalism, benevolence domains are culturally universal in 2003). 9 2222-2863 (Online) 162 Behaviour: A Jordanian sample Amani Jarrar Amman, Jordan E-mail: Eman Gheith E-mail: values of Petra university students according to Schwartz theory first questionnaire included the 40 sure and less towards the human values; students' interests were centred on eco-centric, or anthropocentric) and a weak correlation Self enhancement) and the environmental values. environmental concern, values, Environmental behavior ironmentalism instead of exploring general environmental concern. Pro studies focused on studying either environmental attitudes or assessing concern, or dealt with the relationship between strategy , developing curricula of science in all levels to provide positively. ds Schwartz, 2002). tion), self-enhancement (power, achievement), and self benevolence) , (Dietz et al, 2005). Schwartz proposed that these ten their content and structure and applicable across cultures ( The study sample Download

      Eman Gheith, " Environmental Value Orientations and its Relation to Pro- Environmental Behavior among Petra University Students in Jordan " , "Journal of Education and Practice",Vol.4,No.22,, , 10/31/2013 Abstract:
      Abstract This study aimed at identifying environmental value orientations held by the students of Petra Private University– Jordan, identifying the reported level of pro- environmental behavior that is expected from them, and finding the relationship between environmental values and the students' pro-environmental behavior. The study sample consists of (296) male and female students enrolled at Petra Private University. Two questionnaires have been used in this study; the first questionnaire consists of (25) items to assess the environmental value orientations in three dimensions: ecocentrism, anthropocentrism, and environmental apathy. The second questionnaire consists of (31) items to measure the pro-environmental behavior expected from the students. The study results indicated that students hold several environmental values in all three dimensions at various degrees. Moreover, the students’ values lean more toward ecocentrism and less toward anthropocentrism, whereas the least students’ values lean toward environmental apathy. The results also show that significant and positive correlation exists between ecocentrism and the reported level of pro-environmental behavior. Keywords: pro-environmental behavior, environmental value orientations, ecocentrism, anthropocentrism, environmental apathy. Download

      Nahil Al jaberi and Eman Gheith, " The Relationship between the University Students’ Level of Metacognitive Thinking and their Ability to Solve Mathematical and Scientific Problems " , "Research on Humanities and Social Sciences",Vol.4,No.15,, , 08/31/2014 Abstract:
      Abstract The purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between the university students’ meta-cognition thinking and their ability to solve mathematical and scientific problems. 172 university students were involved in this study. The researchers employed two types of instruments: meta-cognition awareness inventory, and a mathematical & scientific problem solving test; which was constructed by the researchers. After the collection of data, the researchers ran a suitable statistical analysis. The study has concluded that Petra University students have a medium level of metacognitive thinking, and that the variables of sex, faculty, high school stream, and the current year in the university had no effect on their level of metacognitive thinking. The study has also shown that these students suffer from a lack of ability in solving mathematical and scientific problems; no significance correlation between the level of meta-cognitive thinking in the overall scale and the ability to solve mathematical and scientific problems. However, there was a significant correlation between a few factors of metacognitive thinking and the ability to solve mathematical problems, and these are: Procedural Knowledge, Evaluation, Fault Picking, and Managing Knowledge; as well as a significant correlation between Fault Picking and the ability to solve both mathematical and scientific problems. Keywords: meta-cognitive thinking, problem solving. Download

      Eman M. Gheith Nahil M. Aljaberi , " Pre-Service Classroom Teachers’ Attitudes toward Graphs and Their Ability to Read and Interpret Them " , "International Journal of Humanities and Social Science ",Vol.,No., Center for Promoting Ideas (CPI), USA, , 08/01/2015 Abstract:
      Abstract The aim of this study is to investigate the impact of the following factors on pre-service classroom teachers’ attitudes toward graphs and their ability to read and interpret them: (1) high school stream (scientific, literary, information technology, others); (2) academic level at univer Download

      Eman Gheith, Nahil Aljaberi, " Reflective Teaching Practices in Teachers and their Attitudes toward Professional Selfdevelopment " , "International Journal of Progressive Education",Vol.14,No., Pen Academic, turkey, 06/30/2018 Abstract:
      This study aimed to investigate the levels of teachers′ reflective practices as well as their attitudes toward professional self-development in relation to various variables, including gender, number of workshops attended and experience. The study sample consisted of 162 teachers who work as teac Download

      Eman Gheith, Aseel alshwareb, " correlation between Kindergarten Teachers' Attitudes toward Teaching Science and Their Teaching Practices " , "American Journal of Educational Research",Vol.4,No., SciEP, amman, 07/31/2016 Abstract:
      Abstract The aim of this study is four fold: (a) to reveal the attitudes of kindergarten teachers in Jordan toward teaching science; (b) to explore their teaching practices of science according to the developmentally appropriate practices approach; (c) to study the impact of their educational qualif Download

      Eman Gheith, Nahil Aljaberi, " The Effectiveness of an Interactive Training Program in Developing a Set of Non-Cognitive Skills in Students at University of Petra " , "International Education Studies",Vol.10,No., Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada, 09/28/2017 Abstract:
      This study aimed to investigate the effectiveness of interactive training programs in developing a set of non-cognitive skills in students at the University of Petra. The study focused on the following six non-cognitive skills:(a) locus of control;(b) planning;(c) empathy;(d) self-confidence;(e) growth mindset; and (f) grit.)>.

      Nahil M Aljaberi, Eman Gheith, " In-Service Mathematics Teachers' Beliefs about Teaching, Learning and Nature of Mathematics and Their Mathematics Teaching Practices. " , "Journal of Education and Learning",Vol.7,No., Canadian Center of Science and Education, Canada, 10/04/2018 Abstract:
      The aim of this study is four fold:(a) to investigate the beliefs of elementary (grades 1-3) and middle school (4-6 grades) math teachers about teaching, learning and nature of mathematics;(b) to explore their teaching practices of mathematics;(c) to study the impact of their educational qualificati

      Eman Gheith, Nahil Aljaberi, " The Conceptions of Pre-service Kindergarten and Elementary school Teachers on Teaching Science and the Nature of Science " , "Advances in Social Sciences Research Journal",Vol.4,No., © Society for Science and Education,, United Kingdom, 01/01/2017 Abstract:
      he study sought to reveal the conceptions of pre-service kindergarten and elementary school teachers on teaching science to children and understanding the nature of science. More specifically, the study aimed to investigate the conception of pre-service teachers on the roles of teachers, which teach

      Eman Gheith, Nahil M Aljaberi, " The Image of Scientists among Pre-Service Classroom and Child Education Teachers in Jordan. " , "International Journal of Instruction",Vol.12,No., International Journal of Instruction. Eskisehir Osmangazi University, Faculty of Education, Eskisehir, 26480, Turkey, Turkey, 10/01/2019 Abstract:
      The purpose of this study was three-fold: first, to investigate the image of scientists held by prospective teachers with respect to academic levels (1st year and 4th year); second, to identify sources of their image; third, to identify the most influential scientists from their point of view. Th Download

      Eman Gheith, " Environmental Literacy among Prospective Classroom Teachers in Jordan " , "International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research",Vol.18,No., d IJLTER.ORG, USA, 12/01/2019 Abstract:
      Abstract. This study aims to determine the level of environmental literacy among Prospective teachers by considering its three aspects (knowledge, attitudes, and behavior), the relation between these aspects, and the impact of the academic year level on environmental literacy. It also intends to

      Nahil M Aljaberi, Eman Gheith, " Levels of Induction and Deduction among Pre-Service Classroom Teachers and its Relation to their Learning Styles " , "International Journal of Learning, Teaching and Educational Research",Vol.18,No., d IJLTER.ORG, USA, 12/18/2019 Abstract:
      Abstract. This work can be considered as a descriptive study to determine the level of pre-service classroom teachers’ ability to describe inference (induction and deduction) in Mathematics and Science subjects in the educational department. It also aims to define their learning styles to find t
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