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The library takes part in a number of other activities including holding training courses, conferences and symposia related to library sciences and data systems.
Library activities include: 
The development field:-
  1. Log in to the data base system for the scientific periodicals in the management and educational science majors.
  2. Attending the second international conference “libraries and cloud computing in the Jordan Jordanian university”.
  3. Attending Cairo’s international exhibition for books (48) and purchase a number of Arabic and English books (477 tittle).
  4. Keep on adding all the library categories to the library’s website.
  5. Publishing the full text of the student’s master thesis in the library’s website and proquest data base.
  6. Set up an exhibition for recycling used books and giving them the chance of exchanging books between each other.
  7. Evaluate the result of “satisfaction of the information sources and the library’s services questionnaire”.
  8. Offer the service of selective dissemination for the new periodical, books and reports by e-mail.
The training:-
  1. Set up training workshops for the private universities library’s managers and staff in Petra university campus about proquest database.
  2. Attending a workshop named “quality assurance standards measuring manual for the higher education institutions”.
  3. Attending a seminar  in the Jordanian university named “KPI s and evaluation of library E-services”.
  4. Training on using the proquest central data base from the publisher on 3-12-2015.
  5. Set up training courses for students on how to search data base and electronic catalogs with the average of 44 lecture and 881 attended students.
  6. Set up training courses for the faculty to guide them on advance research.
  7. Set up an “English speaking” training course for the employees by the academic developing center in the university.
  8. Microsoft office course by the academic developing center in the university.
  9. ISO and strategic planning course by the academic developing center in the university.
  10. Advance Excel course by the academic developing center in the university.
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