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The Department of Human Resources is tasked with the following:
  • Implementing all decisions regarding appointment of teaching and administrative staff.
  • Issuing administrative decisions concerning staff.
  • Announcing and appointing staff after completion of advertising, interview and testing by other UOP competent departments.
  • Drafting of staff contracts, appointment, resignation, loss of job, inability to continue work, death and dismissal.
  • Drafting contracts with companies and contractors.
  • Ensuring the fulfillment of contracts to all information prior to appointment.
  • Preparing monthly salaries for UOP staff to be submitted by 25th of every month.
  • Transferring salaries to staff’s banks of choice, provided they have no financial obligations towards other ones.
  • Issuing the following reports related to monthly salaries:
  1. Total of salaries transferred
  2. Numbers of employees in every Department or Faculty
  3. Male and female numbers in academic and administrative cadre
  4. Number of job ranks for academic and administrative cadre
  5. Amount of money deducted from every employee
  6. List of names whose salaries were transferred to entities other than the Jordan-Kuwait Bank
  • Auditing and adopting salaries by the Audit Unit.
  • Following up on eligible staff covered by the Social Security umbrella.
  • Conducting inquiry into work injuries and following up on procedures and documentation thereof with the national Social Security Corporation.
  • Implementing Maternity Leave regulations in case of employee child delivery and following up on cases with the national Social Security Corporation.
  • Disseminating annual salary bonuses on 1st September of every year and scheduling the monetary amount thereof in the following year’s budget.
  • Paying resigning employees dues.
  • Preparing end of year gratuity transcripts for those not covered by the Social Security umbrella and incorporating the amounts into the annual budget.
  • Following up on employees annual leaves, sick leaves and emergency, Hajj, marriage, condolences and nonpaid leaves.
  • Estimating unused leave till 31st December of every year and their monetary amount so as to be considered in the following year’s budget and by employees to be used within 24 months thereof.
  • Overseeing employees’ adherence to working hours and issuing warning letter to violators.
  • Overseeing leave requests.
  • Preparing letters of affidavit for employees regarding the transfer of their salaries to entities from whom they have borrowed and to whom they must make payments.
  • Annual preparation of employees’ job details’ transcripts to be sent to competent government auditing departments.
  • Uploading employees’ data on the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research’s EMIS database.
  • Preparing medical insurance tenders and overseeing their proper implementation.
  • Including and removing employees from medical insurance coverage.
  • Transferring deceased employees’ financial dues to either the Sharia or the Church court.
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