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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

The Department of Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry and pharmacognosy aims to provide students with the necessary knowledge in various fields that deal with essential information specialized in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry; theoretically and practically which includes the following topics:

(Pharmaceutical organic chemistry, pharmaceutical analytical chemistry, instrumental analysis and drug characterization, medicinal chemistry, pharmacognosy and phytochemistry) to give students the skills to design and analyze pharmaceutical products and to understand the relationship of chemical structures to the drug's activity in the body. in addition to increase awareness of the importance of plants as an effective source of many medicines.

Head of Department

Prof. Dr. Wael Abu Dayyih  

Department Chair's Message, Dr. Bayan Alkhawaja

Department Chair
It is my honor and pleasure to express my heartfelt thanks to the visitors of the site of Pharmaceutical Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department –Faculty of Pharmacy and ...
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