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In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful
On behalf of myself and my colleagues in the Private Law Department, it is a sincere pleasure to welcome you at this page in particular and UOP website in general. In fact, our Department aims to provide beloved students with dedicated knowledge in private law that is vital in all aspects of the daily life of Jordanian citizens as well as foreigners who reside in Jordan so as to keep up-to-date of all rapidly accelerating social, economic and scientific developments.
The Private Law Department aims to prepare highly qualified and skilled graduates to be able to adapt with all legal professions, including but not limited to: Judiciary and the legal profession and in all local, regional and international levels. In this relation, we are continuously eager to learn about all the developments that occurs in the society in order to improve our curricula in a way that reflects and keeps pace with community issues and contemporary legal issues. We are also continuously keen to teach our graduates different principles such as openness, tolerance, dialogue and acceptance of others among other vital principles that are necessary for them to enhance and positively affect our society.
Whist we always seek to improve and update teaching methods that are applied by the members of our teaching staff, we emphasize on the importance of the continuous communication with our students and graduates. And so we are always open to hear about their suggestions and feedback so as to improve our teaching methods, methodology and curricula. Furthermore, our Department constantly strive to carry out and enhance extracurricular activities such as; Legal Clinic, Moot Court activities and legal debates and so we have always been keen to participate in these different activities whether in Jordan or abroad. Last but not least, we are eager to respond to any person who would have any concern in relation to our role.
Chair of Private Law Department
Dr. Kamal Jamal Alawamleh
Department Chair's Dr. Ma'en Juwaihan
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