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Ali Aldabbas, Kamal Alawamleh, Worud Awamleh, " Jordan’s Commitment towards Compulsory and Free Basic Education as a Constitutional Right: An Analytical Field Study " , "Arab Law Quarterly",Vol.34,No., Brill Publishers, United Kingdom , 08/01/2020

Fathi Al-faouri, Hesham Alomyan, Qasem Althubetat, Aseel Al Shawareb, Ali Aldabbas, Ibrahim Yousef, " Crimes Burglary on Banks in Jordan and Stand of Social Media Sites Users from them: An Analytical Study " , "OPTION JOURNAL",Vol.36,No., UNIVERSITY OF ZULIA/VENEZUELA, VENEZUELA, 02/20/2020

د. علي محمد الدباس , " التنظيم الدستوري للامركزية الادارية وأثره على قانون اللامركزية الأردني - دراسة مقارنة " , "مجلة كلية القانون الكويتية العالمية",Vol.3,No., كلية القانون الكويتية العالمية, KUWAIT, 09/01/2019

H H A Karky, " Corporate Governance Approaches and Jordanian Companies Law " , "Dirasat, Shari’a and Law Sciences",Vol.Volume 46, No. 1, Supplement 4, 2019,No., The University of Jordan, Amman Jordan , 02/01/2019

Mohammad Alawamle, Loiy Bani Ismail, Diana Aqeel, Kamal Jamal Alawamleh, " The bilateral relationship between human capital investment and innovation in Jordan " , "Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship",Vol.n/a,No., Springer, Berlin, Germany, 01/25/2019
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