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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The Faculty of Mass Communication was launched at the University of Petra in the first semester of Academic Year 2015-2016. It offers Bachelor's degrees in either Journalism or Radio and Television. It is the offspring of the Department of Journalism and Communication that was part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences which has been one of the pillars of the university since its founding in 1991. Therefore, the newly launched Faculty comes on the scene armed with a long and remarkable track record being the first academic institution to offer media studies at a private Jordanian university.
Our Department of Radio and Television enjoys a prestigious status in Jordan and regionally, thanks to (1) its constantly updated study plan which aims at preparing our students for the labor markets, (2) its teaching staff whose members enjoy a wide variety of academic and professional expertise and (3) its educational training facilities which are recognized as of the best and most modern both locally and regionally.
We always seek in our Department to further expand our collaboration with a select group of local and international media institutions to provide our students with opportunities for practical training, as well as additional exposure to the market place.
Our Faculty is proud of many of its Alumni who are now outstanding practicing journalists whose knowledge had been enriched, and skills further developed, at our program leading to the prestigious posts they currently enjoy in the media industry.
The Department of Radio and Television strives to be the first choice for those wishing to obtain Bachelor's degrees in Radio and Television in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and to be in the forefront of similar departments in the Arab World.

Provide students with the theoretical knowledge and the media skills that qualify them for admission to leading radio and television institutions locally and regionally to contribute to the process of national construction and development.  This mission will be carried out through (1) a study plan which is constantly updated to keep up with all developments on the theoretical and practical levels and (2) providing students with opportunities for the development of their production skills in the department’s radio and television training facilities, as well as at a number of the best local and international media institutions. 

  • Providing Faculty members, students, and members of the technical and administrative staff with an excellent academic and work environment.
  • Adoption of a modern and frequently developed study plan which aims to provide students with all the knowledge and skills they need to be of the most qualified graduates of media colleges.
  • Maintaining state-of-the-art radio and television training facilities which keep up with the latest developments in radio and television production fields.
  • Enjoying cooperation relations with leading radio and television institutions to train students and provide them with opportunities to enrich their knowledge of the requirements for media work.
  • Assisting graduates in the process of getting rewarding job opportunities.
  • Maintaining a program of scholarships allowing students to pursue graduate studies at a number of distinguished international media colleges in order to meet the future needs of the Department for highly qualified and efficient teaching staff.
  • Belief in the responsibility of the media in society
  • Commitment to pluralism and freedom of expression
  • Commitment to objectivity
  • Encouragement of creativity and pursuit of excellence
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Hana Alsouob

Department Chair
In today's world, working in the field of broadcasting Radio and Television has become a sought-after target for those pursuing ...
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