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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

The Faculty of Mass Communication was established in 2015. In its early days, the Department of Journalism and Media was a part of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, which was established in 1991. The University of Petra is the first private university in Jordan that initiated this field of specialisation and the second university among public universities coming 2nd in place after the University of Yarmouk.

The faculty offers four comprehensive academic programs, three of which are at the Bachelor's level including Radio and Television, Journalism and Digital Media, and Digital Promotional Media, in addition to a Master's Degree in Journalism and Media. These programs qualify students academically and practically through training programs taking place in cutting-edge radio and television laboratories and studios equipped with the highest technology to up-skill the students and elevate their experiences in the field of media and communication to be prepared to work in fields such as print, video, audio, and digital media.

The Faculty of Mass Communication seeks to reinforce Jordan's media mission and leverage its cultural and historical achievements not only by consolidating the values of loyalty and belonging to the nation, but also by establishing and promoting the freedom of press while maintaining its credibility, honesty, and purpose aligned with the provisions of the Jordanian constitution and the regulations of press freedom.

As the Faculty of Mass Communication looks ahead, it will continue to keep up with recent technological developments and capabilities in the media and communication sector. This includes developing the infrastructure, attracting top-notch professors and tailoring its study plans according to the demands of the labor market. The Faculty of Mass Communication has over 18 faculty members holding PhDs and Master's degrees from the most prestigious Arab and International universities. Assisted by (7) administrators and technicians on-the-go to serve the faculty students in the various fields of media. The number of students in the faculty is currently (400) male and female students, while the number of graduates of the Department of Journalism and Media has reached a total of (871) male and female students with a Bachelor's Degree, and (142) male and female students with a Master's Degree.

Regarding the infrastructure aspect of our faculty, there are two television studios designed to meet international standards of highest technology. The first studio's dimensions are 170 m2, the second one is 130 m2, in addition to two radio studios, two labs (for radio montage and television montage), in addtion to one (I MAC) laboratory and three (IBM) laboratories, and a theatre for dialogue purposes. The purpose of these facilities is to train students and prepare them for the workforce.

With an innovation mindset, our faculty has participated in many innovative festivals hosted by media entities both locally and in the Arab world. Our faculty recently won first place in the Short Film Festival that was held in Sharjah in March 2022. Beside that, it took first and second place in documentary making in the Students' Innovation Festival at the University of Zarqa in the beginning of 2022, and the first place in podcasts, and in digital works as well. The faculty has MoUs and built strong networks with many local media institutions to enrich student learning experiences in real practical environments to gain the necessary skills for success in the immersive digital environment and to up-hold our faculty's reputation of being the ideal environment for learning.

Moreover, the faculty succeded in 2022, by obtaining a quality assurance certificate from the Higher Education Institutions Accreditation Commission for its educational programs with all its privileges and rights. After achieving the required quality assurance standards, the faculty will work diligently to obtain the international quality assurance certificate in the near future.

Dean of the ​Faculty of Mass Communication

Prof. Ali Alnejadat

Dean's Message, Prof. Ali Alnejadat

The Faculty of Mass Communication was established in 2015. In its early days, the Department of Journalism and Media was a ...
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