Information Technology Eyad Mohammad Khader

Eyad Mohammad Khader

Office 3221 Ext No 3221

Email :

Administrative Position : Computer Lab Supervisor

Qualification : Information Technology

Graduate Of: Jordanian Korean Institute / Institute of Examination and Training

Business Administration Heba Saeed Tout

Heba Saeed Tout

Office 3323 Ext No 3010

Email :

Administrative Position : Secretary

Qualification : Business Administration

Graduate Of: Amman Training Center / Naur

Print & Imaging Mohammad A.Aziz Odeh

Mohammad A.Aziz Odeh

Office 3126 Ext No 3126

Email :

Administrative Position : Technical Design Magazines & Announcement

Qualification : Print & Imaging

Graduate Of: Royal Jordanian Geographic Center

Media & Journalism Rasha Sufian Alahmad

Rasha Sufian Alahmad

Office 3124 Ext No 3124

Email :

Administrative Position : Technical studio radio and TV

Qualification : Media & Journalism

Graduate Of: University of Petra

Radio & Television  Tayseer Abdelhadi Aljimzawi

Tayseer Abdelhadi Aljimzawi

Office 3125 Ext No 3125

Email :

Administrative Position : Supervisor Studio Radio and TV

Qualification : Radio & Television

Graduate Of: Yarmouk University

Managment Information System Nahla Subhi Mahmoud

Nahla Subhi Mahmoud

Office 3424 Ext No 3410

Email :

Administrative Position : Secretary

Qualification : Managment Information System

Graduate Of: Hittien College

Faculty Dean

Faculty Dean
Faculty Dean
We seek in the Media Faculty to extremely prepare our students in scientific and practical terms and in line with the latest developments in information and communication sciences..
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