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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
  1. Providing the new generation of media specialists with opportunities to further enhance their knowledge and skills in the various fields of media.
  2. Enabling students to keep up with the great progress made in media and communication sciences.
  3. Training students on the latest technologies used in the modern communication industry and in all fields of media production.
  4. Raising students’ scientific, academic and vocational levels of knowledge, and preparing them in accordance to meet the needs of the labor market.
  5. Training academically-qualified personnel to assume responsibilities in developing communication and specialized media.
  6. Strengthening the relationship between Petra University and media institutions, through the utilization of training opportunities available in these institutions, and providing these institutions with specialists capable of contributing to the further advancement of media professions.
  7. Preparing distinguished students to further pursue their graduate studies to meet the growing needs of media departments and colleges in Jordan and the Arab homeland for qualified teaching personnel.