Innovation Center
The Technology Innovation Center at University of Petra (UOP-TIC) is an innovation center which focuses on stimulating student's creativity to produce ideas that are fostered and enriched and which are converted to practical business plan. The center operation is based on the idea of enhancing the quality of student's projects to be able to serve the local community, while at the same time providing students with adequate technical and entrepreneurial skills. The innovation center should support the learning process of students and must contribute to the overall educational goals and objectives. The center's operations is highly dependent on motivated faculty members who are welling to contribute to the faculty of IT, University, and Society. UOP-TIC will give priority to multi-disciplinary projects that serve society. 
To become an excellence center for Information Technology Innovations in Jordan and in the region. 
Providing a dynamic and supportive incubation environment to unleash the potential of students, faculty members, researchers, and the community to engage together in creating technology based innovations to serve society.
While the innovation process maybe a natural outcome for a sound educational and research system, we at UOP-TIC consider it as an integral part of an overall educational and learning system. We consider the innovation process and what is called Competition-Based Learning as alternative tools or methodologies that will work hand in hand with traditional approaches of learning. We do hope that such a philosophy will succeed in stimulating and motivating average and below-average students, and hope that it will teach them to assume responsibility and to work with team projects. We do also hope that this approach of learning will provide students with their own space, freedom, and convert students from passive learners to active ones. Recent trends in Web and Communication Technologies, and Networked Learning will a play a major role in the operation of the innovation Center.
  • Enhancing creativity and innovations at the faculty and university levels, and removing barriers for innovation.
  • Converting innovative ideas into practical solutions that serve the community.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship amongst students and scholars, and providing them with all prerequisites to become successful entrepreneurs including technical, business planning, and soft skills.
  • Providing innovators with links to industry partners, research centers, other universities.
  • Promoting Collaborative and interdisciplinary work.
  • Establishing strong ties with the local community by providing innovative solutions to society and environmental issues.
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