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FIT Organizes Programming Competition

The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) organized a programming competition entitled “CODE BATTLE” on Wednesday 1/5/2019 for the seventh time in a row. Students of visual programming took part in the competition and used modern programming languages to solve complex programming problems. The competition continued for three hours and required high mental effort by students during the competition.
FIT Dean Dr. Nuha Al Khalili opened the competition and attended its events.
The competition is about giving 5 complex programming questions to each team. 10 teams participated in the competition and each team consists of three students. Each team can use one computer only. For this reason, members of each team must think as one mind and cooperate with each other. At the end, the team that solves the maximum number of questions as swiftly as possible will win the competition.
Dr. Nuha Al Khalili praised such competition that trains student on solving complex programming problems and prepare them to participate in international programming competitions, such as: ACM and others.