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Football Championship for IT Students

A football championship for information technology students was organized from 15/3/2017 to 26/3/2017. The championship witnessed the participation of 12 teams. In the final match, the team of Mohammed Hijazi beaten the team of Mohammed Abdah 5-4. After the final, the winner played a match with a team that consists of teaching staff from Information Technology Faculty.  At the conclusion, Professor Ghassan Issa, the Dean of Faculty of Information Technology (FIT), distributed awards and medals in the presence of Dr. Mohammed Abu-Arqoub,  Chairman of Computer Science Department and Dr. Nesreen Otoum, Chairman of Software Engineering Department.
  1. Champion: The team of Mohammed Hijazi
  2. Runners-up: The team of  Mohammed Abdah
  3. Best Player: Mahmood Jamal
  4. Top Scorer: Ahmad Abu Anber
  5. Best goalkeeper: Mohammed Hijazi
  6. Team of teaching staff