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The 1st International Conference & Exhibition on the Applications of Information Technology in Developing Renewable Energy Processes and Systems (IT-DREPS 2013)
IT-DREPS is a multi-disciplinary conference aiming to explore the potentials of applying Information Technology (IT) in analyzing, modeling, simulation, developing, evaluating, monitoring, and control Renewable Energy Processes and Systems (DREPS). The conference encourages the establishment of solid foundations for future collaboration between researchers in the IT field with their counterparts in Renewable Energy (RE) areas for the purpose of disseminating knowledge, and interchanging ideas towards developing cost-effective RE.

Information Technology Student Activity Fair (ITSAF)
The objectives of ITSAF are based on HM King Abdullah the Second's vision to enable Jordan to be one of the leading countries in IT development. This will take place by means of preparing young personnel who are equipped with modern and up-to-date technology. The Fair aims to offer an valuable opportunity to IT students, at all levels, to exhibit the projects which they had performed during the previous academic year, and the skills they gained, before IT professionals and experts , particularly the representatives of local and international companies, and accordingly ,connect those participating academic institutions , including the academic staff and students , to IT industry, in one hand , and create the spirit of competition among students and universities on the other.
Dean's Message, Dr. Nuha El-Khalili

It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) website. FIT is a dynamic faculty considered as an incubator ...
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