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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The faculty of Information Technology at Petra University is keen to introduce a master Degree Program that satisfies the needs of local and Global Markets. The Masters in Computer Science offered has been carefully designed to include a flavor of one of the leading industries in Information Technology which is Data Communications and Information Security, while at the same time providing a strong background of the core courses of Computer Science.
  • Fulfilling the requirements for local and regional markets by graduating fully trained and fully qualified students in the field of Computer Science, who are capable of enhancing the performance of private and public organizations.
  • Producing graduates who are capable of perusing their higher education careers, and who are ready to compete in joining top world-wide universities and research centers.
  • Enabling graduates to find careers in various important fields including: Systems Development, Networking and Data Communications, Database Systems and Database management, and Information Privacy and Security. 
  • Providing students with proper knowledge and experience to work with e-business and e-commerce applications while maintaining proper security issues.
  • Promoting the concepts of using research methods, analytical skills, and team work
  • Graduating fully rounded students who combine technical skills with knowledge in all aspects of computer applications and latest advancements in the technology.
  • Adopting research methodologies and research topics that aim directly at the development of local and regional societies.
  • Preparing students for the development of software applications for the local markets and providing them with proper maintenance skills along with proper knowledge in networking, Internet, and security.
  • Providing students with sufficient skills in the process of evaluating and auditing computerized systems including databases, networks, and security.
  • Preparing graduates who able to understand complex information security issues facing large organizations, and to provide these organizations with full and comprehensive solutions.
  • Bridging the gap between the university, and the private and public sectors, and acting as consultants for these sectors.
Dean's Message, Prof. Wael Hadi

It is with a great pleasure to welcome you to the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) website. FIT is a dynamic faculty considered as an incubator ...
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