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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
I welcome you to the Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, which is one of the new departments within the Faculty of Information Technology. The department is distinguished by its renewed knowledge to keep pace with the dynamic nature of our technological era. I would also like to express my sincere wishes to the department's students for success in their educational achievement to enter the practical life, which I hope will be full of prosperity.

The Department of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence is characterized by the merging of two powerful programs, the data science and the artificial intelligence, this merge plays a major role in fulfilling the industrial demand for experts that are capable of producing innovative technologies and applications. Therefore, the department aims at enhancing the students’ knowledge and practices via elevating both of their research capabilities and the level of good understanding of the industrial sector real case studies and problems.

Once again, I welcome you, wishing you all the best during your university years and the long years that follow.

Dr. Abdelraouf Ishtaiwi