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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
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The Faculty of Arts & Sciences aspires to be an incubator for knowledge and creativity.
  • To provide high quality programs in various specializations.
  • To orient psychological and mental capacities towards creativity, innovation, and independent thinking.
  • To undertake continuous evaluation of both the practical and theoretical aspects of the teaching process.
  • To encourage student's self-learning and to acquire knowledge before and after graduation.
  • To attract and recruit high-caliber faculty members.
  • To provide technical facilities that will reinforce the teaching and learning processes.
  • To raise research and scholarship profile.
  • To encourage freedom of expression and thinking.
  • To realize equal opportunities for all students.
  • To foster individual and community sense of responsibility.
  • To strengthen values of objective dialogue and to accept other views.
  • To equip students with the essential real knowledge that will enable students to confront problems and real challenges in the next decade.
  • To build integrated culture that combines science and arts.
  • To preserve the heritage of the Arab of Islamic Civilization and to strengthen the Arab library through publication of its treasures.
  • To contribute to local community service, education and knowledge.
  • To provide graduate programs in humanities and science.
Dean's Message, Prof. Mahmoud El-Salman

We, at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, devote our energies and utilize our efforts to establish foundation teams that are furnished with sufficient ...
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