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د. رضا المواضية / د. مجدي الدهيسات, " Self-efficacy Level and its Relationship with the Quality of Life among University Students " , "مجلة جامعة النجاح",Vol.9/35,No., جامعة النجاح, فلسطين, 09/01/2021

أماني سليمان داود, " غيمةٌ يتدلّى منها حبلٌ سميك " , "كتاب",Vol.0,No., الدار الأهلية, عمّان/ الأردن, 05/05/2021

EMAN ALMUHUR1, MANAL AL-LABADI2, " Pairwise Strongly Lindelöf, Pairwise Nearly, Almost and Weakly Lindelöf Bitopological Spaces " , "WSEAS TRANSACTIONS on MATHEMATICS",Vol.20,No., --, --, 04/09/2021

Nisrein Jaber, FaisalAl-Akayleh, Rami A.Abdel-Rahem, MayyasAl-Remawib, " Characterization ex vivo skin permeation and pharmacological studies of ibuprofen lysinate-chitosan-gold nanoparticles " , "Journal of Drug Delivery Science and Technology",Vol.62,No., Science Direct , USA, 04/01/2021

Manal Al-Labadi1, Eman Mohammad Almuhur, Amani Shatarah, Anwar Alboustanji, Nosaiba M. Omer1, Nazneen Khan, and Raeesa Bashir, " EULERIAN GRAPH OF SOME SPECIAL IDEALIZATION RINGS " , "Advances in Mathematics: Scientific Journal",Vol.10,No., --, --, 03/31/2021
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