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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
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The University of Petra (UOP) paid special attention to the Arabic language due to the vital role it plays in the preservation of national identity and as it serves as an incubator for culture heritage.
Since its establishment in 1991, UOP graduated hundreds of competent students in Arabic language. In response to the aspirations of many BA holders hoping to pursue higher studies in Arabic language, UOP inaugurated MA program in Arabic Language and Literature as of the first semester of the Academic Year 2011/2012.
UOP sought that MA program in Arabic Language and Literature surpasses in its quality other MA programs offered by some of the prominent universities around the world.
The MA study plan was designed to include two tracks:
  1. Thesis Track: It consists of thirty-three credit hours. Twenty-four credit hours for compulsory and elective courses and nine credit hours for thesis under the supervision of one of the program professors.
  2.  Comprehensive Examination Track: It consists of 33 credit hours. Thirty credit hours for compulsory and elective courses and three credit hours for a paper submitted by the student.
To this end, UOP recruited teaching members with long and extensive experience in university teaching and research. Furthermore, UOP management paid an increasing attention to the Library through provision of hundreds of recourses and references in Arabic language and foreign languages to be referred to by MA students in conducting their research papers.
Beside that, UOP sought to prepare graduates who can meet the needs of local and regional labor market in the areas of Education, Journalism, Editing and Proofreading.
Program Objectives:
  1. Achieving advanced level of knowledge of various fields of Arabic language;
  2. Providing students with skills and methods of scientific research and helping them to write classy papers in their areas of specialization;
  3. Improving the students' knowledge and experience in teaching and qualifying them for pursuing PHD degree;
  4. Preparing students to make use of knowledge sources in a way that achieve  a paradigm shift in their academic  and research levels;
  5. Providing Jordanian and Arab labor market with highly qualified graduates of Arabic language.
Dean's Message, Prof. Mahmoud El-Salman

We, at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, devote our energies and utilize our efforts to establish foundation teams that are furnished with sufficient ...
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