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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

409103 Communication & Society                                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

A study of the functions of communication in modern society. The course surveys professional ethics in journalism, and the role played by the mass media in addressing various issues.

409200 Introduction to Print Media                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

Designed to introduce students to the print media in the Arab World and internationally in terms of their development, kinds, forms of ownership and economics, as well as the risks and challenges  faced by international reporters, and the challenges posed by the electronic media.

409201 Journalistic Skills in English (1)                                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 9400121

The first of three courses designed to enhance reporting and editing skills in English, through the study of basic principles of writing in English.

409202 Journalistic Skills in English (2)                                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409201

Emphasis on principles of writing news stories for the print and the electronic media.

409204 Computer Utilization in Mass Media                                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 9600101

A study of the uses of computers in journalism and communication, and particularly in the areas of printing, design layout, and electronic editing.

409205 Contemporary Arab Media                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

Designed to cover topics relating to contemporary Arabic media. The course also helps students gain an understanding of Arab mass media institutions, what impact they have on people, and what policies are.

409211 News Reporting and Editing                                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An examination of reporting, its history, kinds, and sources, and the various styles of news reporting in addition to practical exercises in information gathering and news writing and editing.

409212 Interviewing and Investigative Reporting                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409211

Intends to acquaint students with the various kinds of the journalistic interview, and the different approaches to conducting and editing interviews.  It also reviews investigative reporting in terms of sources, styles and writing.

409213 Photojournalism                                                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A study of the basic principles of photography with special emphasis on photojournalism.  Includes training on the production of photo essays.

409221 Introduction to Radio and Television                                                    (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An introductory course designed to acquaint students, theoretically and practically, with the nature of radio and television work.

409222 Arab Broadcasting Systems                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A survey of the various broadcasting systems in the Arab World, both historically and presently, their contributions to the realization of national aspirations, and the mandate of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU).

409231 Introduction to Public Relations                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An introductory study of public relations, their functions and roles in modern society, and the relationship between public relations and communication, and the characteristics and assignments of public relations professionals.

409232 Advertising                                                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An examination of the economic and social roles played by advertising, and a practical study of the basic principles of designing and producing advertising campaigns for the print and broadcast media.

409240 Technical Skills in Radio and Television                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409221

The art and Practice of Suond recording, camera shooting, editing, lighting, announcing, writng for radio and television.

409261 Historical Development of Mass Media                                                 (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A study of the historical development of the mass media worldwide, with special attention given to Arab media.

409262 Mass Media in Jordan                                                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A study of the development, organization, ownership and laws regulating mass media in Jordan.  Includes identification of the principles of information policy in Jordan and the challenges facing official and non-official national mass media.

409303 Electronic Media                                                                                     (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409211

Basic principles of producing Media Web sites, interactive programs, and other multimedia projects

409311 Editorials and Analytical Writing                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409211

The art and practice of writing editorials, columns, critiques and other analytical essays with a study of the characteristics of each.

409312 Mass Media Translation                                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409202

Basic principles of translating journalistic texts in both Arabic and English.


409313 Publication Layout and Design                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409211

Artistic and scientific principles of producing newspapers and magazines with emphasis on the responsibilities of their art departments.

409320 Broadcast Announcing                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409221

The aim of this course is to prepare students to work in the field of radio and television broadcast.This course entails intensive practical training to enhance the skills of radio and television broadcast in reading news bulletins and different radio and television materials.

409321 News Programs for Radio and Television                                            (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409221

A study of news programming and production for radio and television through reviews of local and foreign programs and practices on production of such programs. 

409322 Radio and Television Production                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409221

Steps followed in producing cultural, religious, sports and other programs for both radio and television.

409331 Public Relations in Organizations                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409231

An examination of the organization and management of public relations departments in industrial and commercial firms, in terms of planning and implementation of programs through the use of various mass media.

409341 Theories of Communication                                                                   (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An analytical study of the process of communication, its functions and models, and the influence of communication on the individual and society.

409351 Public Opinion                                                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An introduction to public opinion, the factors that contribute to shaping it, and the role of the mass media in influencing it.  A study also of polling, theoretically and in practice.

409352 News Agencies                                                                                         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A survey of the historical development of news agencies, the present status of the major news agencies around the world with special attention given to Petra, the Jordanian National News Agency.

409354 Propaganda                                                                                             (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

Identification of propaganda, its history, kinds and styles.  Also a review of persuasion, stereotyping, planning and implementation of political and social propaganda campaigns.

409362 Media Legislations                                                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A study of law and communication with emphasis on the ethics of the communication professions, with an examination of the issues of privacy, freedom of expression, copyright, libel and defamation, in light of the rapid and extensive developments in the world of communication.

409363 Communication and Development in Jordan                                       (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

The contributions of information to the Jordanian development programs in the areas of health, childcare, environment and other issues.

409401 Field Training                                                                                          (3:0-3)

Prerequisite : 409303

This course aims to give students practical experience through training and internships in media institutions in order for the students to identify the nature and functions of work in media. Students must spend 120 hours of training in a media institution during the semester.

409403 Journalism Production                                                                           (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409212

This advanced course in the field of editing and journalistic production allows students to develop their skills in news gathering, editing and layout. Students may work on the production of the magazine "Awraq Jami'ya", or any other publication that may take the form of a newspaper, newsletter, magazine, or brochure.

409411 Magazines and Specialized Publications                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

The basic principles of producing magazines and specialized publications with an examination of the present status of contemporary Arab and international magazines.

409413 Documentary Film                                                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : 409221

A survey of documentary films and a study of the steps followed in the production of documentary films.

409441 Research Methods in Communication                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A survey of the historical development of research in communication, and a study of its present status with a review of the various methods or research in communication.

409452 International Communication                                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A study of issues of international concern such as the international flow of information, freedom of expression, and the information challenges facing developing countries.

409453 Technology of Communication                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

A review of the latest developments in communication technology including a study of satellites, super information highways, cable systems and other modern developments in the field, with an examination of the effects of these technologies on society.

409471 Management of Mass Media                                                                  (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

An examination of administrative and organizational aspects of media organizations.

409473 Special Topic  in Communication                                                          (3:3-0)

Prerequisite : None

Provides opportunities for focusing on special topics closely related to journalism and communication not fully covered in other courses.

409474 Graduation Project                                                                                 (3:0-3)

Prerequisite : None

This course is designed to help students prepare a draft of a graduation project as a conclusion to their degree. The project, which could focus on any subject in the field of Communication, is subject to the supervision of an academic advisor.

9400191 Principles of Communication                                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

Designed to familiarize students with communication, its components and levels, with special emphasis on mass communication, its importance and influence on contemporary life, and the main characteristics of the various media of mass communication (press, radio, television and film).

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