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The Department of English is a dynamic and growing department which was established in the academic year 1991/1992. It offers three study programmes; two undergraduate study programmes (the BA in English Language and Literature, and the BA in Translation) and one graduate programme (the MA in Translation).
Students majoring in English Language and Literature complete a core of courses that develop abilities in critical reading and writing, and knowledge of some of the foundational works of British and American literature. The programme develops students’ flexibility, openness of mind, and knowledge and critical appreciation of literature and other cultural forms. Students are trained to acquire the necessary skills for diverse modes of communication.
The BA in Translation is a professional specialized programme which provides an essential foundation for producing effective and qualified translators. The programme combines theoretical and practical teaching and training. It prepares students for a career in translation through intensive training in both the written and oral modes of language   including consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. The programme includes an adequate number of courses in basic language skills in both English and Arabic, and it also applies contrastive and analytical approaches to the various and related concepts to translation at phonological, morphological, syntactic, semantic, pragmatic and discoursal levels. In addition, translation assessment and editing and revising are salient features of the translation programs.
The Department of English started its MA programme in Translation in September 2005. A good number of the department's graduates have successfully pursued their graduate studies (i.e. PhD) at Jordanian as well as renowned British and American universities. In a nutshell, the program aims at empowering students with the skills of professional translators who can provide translation services for the local, regional and global communities.
The vision of the Department of English, in line with its mission, is to be a model of excellence through comprehensive and challenging undergraduate and graduate programmes in a supportive and respectful environment for all students.
The mission of the faculty and staff of the Department of English at the University of Petra is to provide diverse educational opportunities, leading to the integration of language, literature, linguistics and translation, which empower students to become knowledgeable and innovative service providers and compassionate leaders in their local, regional and global communities.
  1. To assist students in achieving their educational, professional goals through quality teaching, individual attention, and a varied course delivery system by developing and maintaining periodic internal assessment and evaluation to ensure that all programmes are consistent with the Department’s mission statement.
  2. To provide and maintain appropriate learning resources which support student learning, quality teaching, scholarly research, and technological proficiency.
  3. To provide students with opportunities that expand their intellectual, social, and cultural horizons. In addition to assisting students in developing critical thinking, power of observation, analytical skills, and in communicating effectively orally and in writing.
  4. To design courses that engage students’ intellect, excite their imagination, improve scholarship, and increase their enjoyment of literature and language in order to create a seamless integration of teaching, training and research.
  5. To equip students with the necessary tools and competencies to conduct morphological and syntactic analysis, and to translate from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic by providing students with a broad grounding in English language skills and grammar, translation, linguistics, English literature and research methodologies.
  6. To provide students with a solid educational base conducive to fundamental knowledge, research skills, self-growth, enriched life experiences and computer literacy essential to lifelong learning. To assist its students in developing an appreciation of their cultural heritage and understanding of their society and the world, thereby fostering respect and appreciation for diversity of people and opinions.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Mohammad Al-Shunnag

Department Chair
Welcome to the Department of English where you will be trained and be prepared to serve as well-qualified service providers to your local and ...
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