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Specialization: Applied Linguistics

Graduate Of: Georgetown University

The Department of English is one of the largest and most successful departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Department of English offers undergraduate programs in (1) English Language and Literature, (2) English Language / Translation. It also offers graduate programs (Master's Degree) in (1) Translation, (2) English Language and Literature (to be launched in the very near future). In conjunction with the Department of English is the Department of Modern Languages which offers the major French and English Languages and their literatures. The major in English Language and Literature offers courses in reading and writing skills, linguistics and a full range of English and American literature in all genres and movements from the medieval to the contemporary period. The English Language and Literature program consists of a core sequence which familiarizes students with the basics of language and linguistics and provides them with the tools of criticism and a survey of English literature. Students are exposed to diverse modes of communication and their distinctive levels of phonology, grammar, lexis, semantics, pragmatics and discourse; Hence, they are exposed to different facets of language from the physical properties of the sound system to the intentions of speakers to others, in conversation and other contexts in which conversations are embedded. The core sequence is followed by an optional program of advanced courses that reflects and integrates the individual interests of each student. Success in these courses develops three invaluable skills: Analytical reading, effective writing and critical thinking about human interaction, gained through study of the best writing produced in the English Language.
The Department of English underscores the significance of translation as a human activity. Its English language/translation program combines theoretical and practical teaching and training. It prepares students for a career in translation, through a rich exposure to specialized types of translation of various levels: Simultaneous, consecutive, legal and commercial. It also focuses on translation process, translation problems and trends in translation. The program includes an adequate number of courses in basic language skills, English and Arabic. It also involves comparative and analytical linguistics, discourse and semantics.
The Department of English is keen to offer a character-building education that helps students achieve their personal and professional goals. The Department's approach to learning within its academic programs merges meaningful, personal interactions with textbook study, lectures, discussions, campus activities, educational opportunities and a lot of cultural options.
The Department of English faculty members are experts in their fields, intensely involved in teaching, scholarship, creative activities and research, publishing in linguistics, literature, and creative and technical writing, with the aim of making significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge.  
The Faculty of the Department of English seek to help students improve their abilities to read, write and think critically, analytically and creatively. Through the study of literature and the instruction of writing in various forms and genres, the faculty endeavors to promote in the students both a deep understanding of the program disciplines and an active and meaningful use of their practices. The faculty members recognize and encourage among themselves a variety of pedagogical and critical approaches to literature and writing. Moreover, they feel that the students should experience and comprehend these different schools of theory and application. Students are exposed to the traditional canon of British and American Literature as well as to non-canonical texts in the Anglophone tradition. They are asked to apply a variety of literary theories from traditional close reading to recent postmodern methods of investigation, required to write with style and acumen in every class they take; And be motivated always to explore, to examine, to assess and to question.
 The Department of English is aware of its role in the society and thus it seeks to equip students with thinking skills and rational strategies, allowing them to chart their lives with imaginative creativity. While recognizing the importance of cultivating logical reasoning, research abilities and a self-learning approach to the acquisition of knowledge, the Department takes a special interest in promoting the skills, potentials and talents of the students. Accordingly, the Department has made available an English Club and formed several student committees that would make it possible for students to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities and events as they would like, such as holding cultural and artistic exhibitions, social events, poetry readings, stage performances and planning lectures for guest speakers.
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Head of Department
The Department of English is one of the largest and most successful departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Department of English offers undergraduate programs in (1) English Language..
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