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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
408111 French Language (1)                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with the basic foundations of the French language: Reading, grammar, vocabulary and how to use them in simple sentences. This course is intensive (6 hours) and is intended for beginner students who have not studied French before. It provides the student with basic knowledge of the French language in reading and writing, including the study of definite and indefinite articles, masculine and feminine, singular and plural.
408112 French Language (2)                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408111
This course aims to develop the language skills acquired by students in the French Language 1 course, in addition to providing the student with language skills and vocabulary which will assist the student in the construction and comprehension of simple sentences in French. This course includes the present, past and future tenses. The course also focuses on reading and writing to prepare students for more specialized courses in the French language.
408211 Oral Skills ( French)                                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408112
This course aims to develop the student’s verbal skills through audio teaching methods that provide dialogue and spoken presentations in French. The course strengthens the student’s verbal capabilities: Understanding dialogue, understanding vocabulary and taking notes in addition to the student’s participation in the use of expressions and vocabulary in similar situations.
408215 French Writing (1)                                                              (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408221
This course provides the basics of writing in French and aims to provide the student with writing skills in terms of syntax and style. Students are taught to apply their acquired knowledge in this curriculum by writing personal or professional letters or reports.
408221 French Grammar (1)                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408112
The course deals with the basics of French language grammar where the student studies verbs, tenses, prepositions, conjunctions, comparison and through this course the student learns how to apply language skills in practical situations.
408222 French Grammar (2)                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408221
The student completes at this course level the remaining French grammar topics: Sentence structure, coordination, pronouns, passive verb and accompanied by practical applications where the student understands the overall linguistic system in terms of the relationship between words, sentences and linguistic meaning.
408317 Oral and Writing Comprehension Skills (French)               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408215
The development of the student's ability to understand written text or dialogue through the use of teaching aids such as audio or through the use of news media for the purpose of instruction. This course also introduces the student to the importance of the role of language in our lives as a means of communication with others by using the acquired knowledge in practical situations.
408321 Introduction to French Phonetics                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408222
This course is a general introduction to the phonetics of the French Language. The course covers both theory and practice. The student learns pronunciation and the characteristics of all sounds in the French language, in addition to phonetic transcription. The course focuses on the proper pronunciation through practical exercises in the Language Lab.
408322 Introduction to French Linguistics                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408222
Introduction to the elements of French language, its functions and characteristics as well as modern linguistic theories. The course also includes addressing the various types of linguistics: Sociolinguistics, psychoanalysis, comparative, etc...
408324 Training in French Pronunciation                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408211
This course aims to train students in the laban pronunciation as well as to correct common errors in pronunciation through the means of audio-visual teaching methods.
408331 Introduction to French Literary Texts                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408317
Presents French literature through the study of selected literary texts. The student learns about the theories of literary analysis and practices by applying them through the various texts.
408332 History of French Literature                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408331
This course aims to review the history of French literature since the Middle Ages to the present day in addition to introducing the student to the most important literary currents and to the main figures of French literature throughout the ages. he course also focuses on the main aspects of intellectual, literary and social life.
408341 Translation (1): French/Arabic                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408222
This course deals with the primary concepts of translation. It aims to acquaint students with the various theories of translation and to train them in translating simple texts from French to Arabic.
408342 Translation (2): Arabic/French                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408341
The course focuses on the language skills needed for translation and their application through the translation of selected texts from Arabic to French and focusing on the text content. Introduction to translation difficulties and how to overcome them.
408431 Comparative French Literature                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408331
This course provides the basic principles in comparative literature. In this course, the student studies French literary works from a variety of writers around the world. The student compares these works in terms of content, format, style, etc...
408432 Readings in French Literature                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408332
The student is introduced to a variety of literary genres such as: Novel, drama, poetry and short story through the study of selected French literary texts. The course requires the student to participate in dialogue through the preparation of a report on a literary subject for the purpose of discussion and exchange of views.
408433 French Culture                                                                    (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408317
Introduces the student to the facets of French civilization and culture, as well as to the similarities and differences between the French and Arab society. The course includes a brief history of the peoples and tribes that had successively migrated to France throughout history and their impact on the people of France today. The course also touches upon the social systems, economic and political situation in France today, in addition to the daily life and its reflection of the aspects of French culture.
408451 French for Tourism                                                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408317
This course aims to introduce students to the special terms and vocabulary used in the field of tourism through dialogue and specialized texts devoted to this subject. Students are trained on dialogue through real life situations.
408452 French for International Business                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408341
Students are introduced to terminology specific to this field through oral and written texts. The study materials focus on writing reports, and on business and electronic correspondence. The curriculum requires practical application of skills learned in a selected company.
408453 Teaching French as a Foreign Language                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 408322
The student will be introduced to the methods of teaching the French Language. The course deals with the development of curricula over the past decades where audio visual teaching aids were used with today's use of electronic teaching methods. Reviews some of the curricula and objectively discusses their compatibility with today’s requirements. The applied practical side of the course deals with the study and analysis of curricula used in schools in Jordan and the student learns how to prepare exams to measure various student skills (such as reading, writing, speaking and listening). Student will also visit a school and will apply in practice the acquired knowledge in this course.
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