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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
The Department of Educational Sciences was established in 1991. It offers two programs: Classroom Teacher and Childhood Education. Both programs are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education and meet the requirements of QAA (Quality Assurance Agency).
The Department is presently headed by Dr. Aseel Shawareb and has (22) full-time faculty members and (297) students.
Quality education is our paramount concern and the faculty members form a collaborative group who share a vision of the importance of their role in shaping the future. To that end, the Department consists of educators who have a wide experience in the fields of teaching, research and community service. They strive to maintain high standards of professional excellence to prepare our students to successfully teach and administer programs in a variety of educational settings.
Three tenets: Content knowledge, pedagogy and professional dispositions guide the department and make up its professional framework.
The overall mission of the Classroom Teacher program is to prepare competent classroom teachers who are able to teach effectively students in the first three grades in the basic cycle (1–3). The overall mission of the Child Education program is to prepare specialists in the area of teaching and caring for children in nurseries and kindergartens according to the latest educational theories and practices.
We envision a dynamic department of professional studies that will substantially inspire in our candidates a heightened sense of responsibility for stewardship of our schools and our communities.
The mission of the Department is to prepare competent, enthusiastic and morally virtuous teachers and administrators dedicated to responsible service and leadership and able to address the contemporary issues and advance the profession of education.
To accomplish this mission, the goals of the Department are to:  
  • Instill in our students a passion for learning through dynamic curricula and faculty – student interaction.
  • Ensure that every student develops critical thinking and problem – solving skills. Integrate:
    1. Teaching and learning.
    2. Advancement of the knowledge base through research and scholarship.
    3. Leadership in community service to improve the lives of individuals in an evolving, complex and multicultural world.
  • Expand efforts to recruit distinguished students from Jordan and abroad.
  • Develop a code of Ethics for the Department.
  • Treasure creativity and intellectual freedom and professional growth to faculty and students.  
  • Collaborate with external partners to enhance students' knowledge, skills and dispositions.  
  • Provide a variety of teaching venues incorporating the latest technologies.
  1. Academic excellence
  2. Life-long learning
  3. Collaboration and shared decision-making
  4. Openness to new ideas
  5. Community Service
  6. Respecting Diversity 
  7. Observing a code of ethics
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Hesham Alomyan

Department Chair
As we strategically move to a new development milestone and prepare ourselves for providing the highest quality education in class teacher and child education programs, university compulsory ...
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