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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Intended Learning Outcomes (Bachelor in Chemistry)

Knowledge Skills
Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles and theories, perform experiments and find suitable industrial applications related to organic, inorganic, analytical and physical chemistry.
Nomenclature and use the suitable terminology of chemical compounds either by common names or systematic (IUPAC) names.
Describe the principles of quantitative and qualitative chemical analysis using conventional methods and instrumental techniques.
Intellectual Skills
Explain the nature and behavior of chemical compounds, their classification, chemical structure, reactivity, mechanisms, physical properties, and characterizations using different techniques.
Estimate chemical data by performing calculations and derivation related to general, analytical, physical, organic and inorganic chemistry.
Practical skills
Use of laboratory equipment and standard procedures & safely.
Appreciate the importance of carrying out careful and precise measurements to generate reliable data.
Prepare and separate compounds and analyze substances.
Prepare scientific reports and make oral presentations.
Use the scientific literature effectively and demonstrating scholarship in their research.
Transferable skills
Communication skills, covering both written and oral communication.
Problem-solving skills, relating to qualitative and quantitative information, extending to situations where evaluations have to be made on the basis of limited information.
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