A Bridge Towards Knowledge
UOP Chemistry Students Visit JPRC

UOP students of petroleum chemistry course visited Jordan Petroleum Refinery Company (JPRC) at Hashimiyah, Zarqa Governorate on 05/04/2017 accompanied by Dr. Nabil Eldurini. The visit aims to familiarize the students with the industrial processes followed at the refinery and JPRC’s laboratories, equipment used in controlling the industrial processes as well ensuring quality of JPRC products.
At the outset, Eng. Mohammad Fudhail, Training Department Director, welcomed the students, presented a detailed explanation and showed a video on JPRC, JPRC achievements as well as existing industrial processes conducted by JPRC. Additionally, UOP students raised a set of questions that were responded to Eng. Fudhail in a way that enriched students’ knowledge.
Thereafter, the students made a tour at JPRC’s labs, particularly labs used in carrying out laboratory testing in order to control the quality of oil products, including but not limited to aviation fuel, diesel, kerosene and gasoline. The students, moreover, learnt about how to determine the octane number used to classify the quality of gasoline.
 At the conclusion of the visit, the students made a tour to all JPRC operating industrial units and obtained high quality information on petroleum industry, which enriched the course. The students communicated effectively and positively with JPRC staff during the tour. More importantly, JPRC staff praised students’ discipline and strict adherence to JPRC safety instructions and security measures.
In turn, the students thanked JPRC staff for their hospitality, appreciating information which enriched their knowledge in the area oil industry.