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UOP Organizes Fourth Scientific Day and Hosts Jordanian Chemical Olympics

On behalf of UOP President Prof. Marwan Muwalla, Vice-Dean of Arts & Sciences Prof. Ahmad Al-Kotob sponsored the Fourth Scientific Day of Chemistry Department and hosting the fifth Jordanian Chemicals Olympics in cooperation with the Ministry of Education (MoE) and Jordanian Chemical Society (JCS). Two hundred eleventh grade students from middle region took part in the Olympics accompanied by 100 male and female chemistry teacher and supervisor. The Fourth Scientific Day aims at highlighting chemistry's role and significance in community development, organizing educational chemistry programs for school and university students and encouraging students to register in this major, which is required in all areas, especially industrial area.
Organized by UOP Chemistry tutors, the scientific day included an introductory presentation on UOP by Ms. Laila Qaddoura. Thereafter, the students headed to computer rooms to apply for E-test in light of chemistry material for eleventh grade students.
After the exam completed, the school students headed to the UOP green flat. Dr. Abdel Mnim Altwaiq and a group of chemistry-majored students conducted a number of interesting chemical experiments and conducted an introductory tour to UOP premises and facilities.
After the tour completed, the students headed to the UOP Club to attend the ceremony of announcing chemical Olympics results. Prof. Rami Abdel-Raheem delivered a welcoming remarks to attendants, highlighting chemistry's significant role in Jordan development and encouraging students to study chemistry as it has a key role in all fields of life. Dr. Abeer Al Bawwab, the President of the Jordanian Chemical Society, made a statement on the significance of these events and chemistry's key role in life. Prof. Ahmad Al-Kutob made a welcoming statement and thanked the event organizers. The winners were as follows:
1.   First Place: Omar Muhammad Ismael - Omareyah School
2.   Second Place: Ali Mamoun Al Ashqar - Omareyah School
3.   Third Place: Farah Turki Bani Khaled - Model School/Jordan University.
4.   Fourth Place: Ahmad Fadi Mustafa - Jameel Ben Shakir Secondary School
5.   Fifth Place: Shahed Falah Hassan - Islamic Educational College for Girls / Jabal Amman Branch.
6.   Sixth Place: Alia Hatem Al-Salaheen - Jordanian International Schools (JIS).
At the events’ conclusion, UOP and JCS distributed memorial shields and gifts to winning students and schools.