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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
On behalf of all faculty and staff members of the Department of Mathematics at University of Petra, I, with great pleasure, welcome you to its website.
Undoubtedly, there is no need to be reminded of realizing the extreme importance of sciences in the well-being of mankind. Almost every avenue and innovative invention that led to easing human lives along history has stemmed from an idea (or ideas) rooted in a basic science and been facilitated by a mathematical tool.
We, at the Department, strive to graduate highly qualified students majoring in Math. and instill in other students the awareness of the aforementioned importance through enhancing the necessary Mathematics and Physics back-grounds needed during the course of study in their scientific fields of specialization. We do so by resorting to enforce internationally comparable standards in all pillars of the education process, such as: Faculty, textbooks, courses’ syllabi, exams and grades, which collectively make us proud of what we deliver. Our faculty is highly qualified and dedicated. Textbooks adopted for our courses are internationally authored and of high usage. Courses’ syllabi cover recognized contents. Exams for our courses are reliable and filtering. Grades reflect real achievement.
Each member of the Department shall be pleased to provide you with any (further) information.
Dr. Ghassan Abu Foudeh
Department Chair's Message, Prof. Wasim Odeh

Department Chair
On behalf of all faculty and staff members of the Department of ...
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