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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
9400100 National Education                                                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course introduces the student to the notions of patriotism, loyalty to the country and citizenship. It explains the importance of Jordan's location and the ethnic origins of the people. The course traces the various ancient civilizations which came into existence in the land of Jordan, the Islamic civilization in Jordan, the Ottoman rule, and the emergence of the modern Hashemites Kingdom of Jordan. It also studies the role of the Hashemites in the history of the Great Arab Revolution, the policies and achievements of the founder of modern Jordan, King Abdullah I, followed by King Talal, King Hussein, and finally the present King Abdullah II. His political thought, and his policy 'Jordan First' in addition to his stand vis-a-vis the political system, starting with Al-Albait Establishment, the definition of the legislative, executive and legislative powers, the constitutional development, and the democratic progress (the Constitution and the League). The Jordanian Society, its main characteristics, problems and social drives. The main political challenges facing Jordan, national security, economy (unemployment and poverty), population growth strategy, and cultural, educational, informational strategies.

9400102 Civilization & Thought                                                      (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces the meaning of civilization conditions of its foundation and development, its creative manifestation; analysis of one of the greatest human civilization (Ancient Eastern, Greek or Modern European). Selection of texts is introduced.

9400104 Political Sciences                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course discuss the different definitions of the state; types of the state; types of government; the branches of government; political ideologies; political parties and pressure groups.

9400105 Contemporary Issues & Trends in Child Education         (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course introduces most important issues and problems facing the Arab World. Special emphasis is given to economic, socio-political and cultural issues.

9400109 Military Sciences                                                              (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

Organization of the Jordanian Armed Forces (JAF) and its branches to include their establishment and development. Types of wars. Establishment and development of Public Security Directorate, General Intelligence Dept. and Civil Defense Directorate. The role of (JAF) in the development of Jordan and in world peace keeping. Some wars and battles, like: the Great Arab Revolution, 1948 war, 1967 war, Al-Karamah battle and Ramadan 1973 war.

9400171 Introduction to Sociology                                                (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

The birth and development of sociology as an independent field has its own theories and methodologies, the relationship between sociology and other fields of study, the study of a number of subjects that help the students understand the society and prevailing systems, identifying the processes of social interaction, social phenomena, primary and secondary groups, organized  crimes and social mobility.

9400106 Critical Thinking                                                               (3:3-0)

Prerequisite: None

This course deals with a definition of critical thinking after reviewing the concept of thinking and types, focusing on critical thinking and its characteristics, skills and constraints of its use, and the importance of employing it in the life situations of students, especially in decision-making and problem solving, after training them using various activities so that the student can apply critical thinking by distinguishing between truth and opinion and using introspection and introspection arguments and strategies and stages of critical thinking and adopting the criteria for this type of thinking.

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