401103 The Art of Writing & Composition                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a reinforcement of language skills giving special attention to oral and writing skills, emphasis on language functions and forms of expression suitable for communication in various contexts, e.g. writing memos, resumes, CVs and notes from different sources: The media, lectures and debates. Selection of relevant texts for study and analysis is dealt with.
401104 Arabic Language Issues in the Modern                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
Viewing current Arabic Language issues from modern language theory perspectives, e.g. Diaglossia, Arabization of Sciences, the effect of translation on Arab diction, the effect of media on contemporary Arabic Style, Standard Arabic, lower proficiency levels in Arabic by students of Arabic. Cause and remedy the Arabic writing system, methods of teaching syntax, Arabic syntax made easy, and other language issues relevant to challenges confronted by the nation and society.
401110 Introduction to Hebrew Language                                    (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is intended to teach students the  basics of modern Hebrew. It also seeks to familiarize them with the relationship between Hebrew and Arabic. Besides, it aims at enabling students to improve their skills of reading, writing, and listening. It is supposed to enrich their vocabulary with 1500 items most frequently used in everyday life.
401115 Ancient and Modern History                                              (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims to provide a comprehensive material about the general history of Islam. It establishes an appropriate historical background for the study of Arabic literature through the different ages of Islam. Political, social and cultural aspects of this history are equally dealt with in the course.
401203 Literary Appreciation                                                         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a development of literary appreciation, skills in literary analysis, selection of advanced literary texts including texts from ancient Arab poetry; study of texts from the short story, novel, drama and maqama.
401205 Writing Skills in Arabic Language                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is concerned with Arabic language in terms of training on sound Arabic writing and sound use of grammar. In addition, it trains students on critical reading of journalistic articles and exposes them to common aspects of good and poor writing with emphasis on language and stylistics. A special emphasis is placed on journalistic language and its peculiar standard Arabic, being the main tool of mass media and information.
401210 Principles of Syntax                                                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims at teaching students the science of Arabic syntax and the linguistics' methods that they should learn at early ages so they can get the sense of their mother language from the beginning and know the common grammar mistakes.
401211 Pre-Islamic Poetry                                                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with developing the students' abilities to read Pre-Islamic literature, selection of texts from Pre-Islamic literature.
401212 Syntax (1)                                                                         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course includes fundamental and general concepts in syntax, word-parts, sentence-structure, '’I'raab' of the agent, subject, predicate, approximative verbs, 'be and its sisters',' inna sisters'.
401213 Islamic & Umayyad Poetry                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401211
This course is a study of Umayyad literature; its trends and context, choice of relevant texts to represent poetry, prose and objectives of the era.
401215 Metrics & Prosody in Poetry                                              (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course addresses the original metres of Arabic poetry, and knowledge of all prosodic patterns, bringing about full mastery of rhythms, poetic feed, along with the rhyme-scheme discipline through  its varied branches, with total focus on practical exercises.
401216 Morphology                                                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a detailed study of word structure, word metrification, word derivation, word patterns, diminutives, 'nisba' and reference.
401218 Poetry in the Abbasid Period                                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401213
Study of literature in the Second and Third Century AH, its poetry and prose within the context of fundamental change in culture civilization and urban experiment and effect of change on literature. Study of original Arabic metrics, knowledge of Arabic metrics and prosody.
401219 Children’s Literature                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces the history of children's literature in both eastern and western cultures and reviews its different forms, stories, poetry, songs and theatre and examines the distinguishing features of each of these arts and how they can be utilized in education. The course also studies the effects of these forms on the child's personality.
401240 Old Arabic Prose                                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims to study old Arabic prose from the pre-Islamic Age to the end of the Abbasside Age focusing on various genres like speech, letters, rhymed anecdotes (Maqama) in addition to some important books in our distinctive prose tradition that shaped Arabic prose like Kalila wa Dimna, Al bokhlaa, Tawq al Hamama, Al-Moqabasat, Al Emtaa wal Monassa, etc.. The course also attempts to link the formation of these genres and their development with changes of civilization and thoughts in the Arab Islamic states supported by the study of a number of texts representative of old Arabic prose in terms of formation and development.
401320 Lexicology                                                                          (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This subject aims at defining Lexicography, both linguistically and idiomatically, in addition to probing the relationship between linguistic sense and idiomatic meaning. It tackles the rise and development of lexicography, in addition to proposing the early attempts in this field. It goes through the most significant schools in arranging dictionaries such as the Phonological School and its pioneer, al-Khalil Bin Ahmad in his book, al-Ain; the Qafieh (Rhyme) School and its pioneer, al-Jawahri in his dictionary, al-Sahhah; And the Modern (Alphabetical) School and its pioneer, Al-Zimakhshari, in his dictionary “the Basic of Rheoris”. It also tackles the dictionaries of meaning and those of vocabulary in addition to their most important references.
After that, it deals with dictionary making in modern times, the efforts exerted by linguistic societies in this regard, most important problems and defects of modern dictionaries and how to deal with them. It finally talks about how to carry out research on dictionaries by using computers, in addition to the most important programs and electronic sites interested in Arabic dictionaries.
401322 Syntax (2)                                                                         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401212
This course is a study of language function of specification, temptation, warning, admiration, praise, criticism, negation, manner and exception.
401323 Classical Criticism                                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
Study of environment which contributed to the formation of old criticism, philosophers, literary writers; selection of critical texts representing previous environment and representing the main topics of old criticism.
401325 Arabic Teaching Methods                                                   (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course explores methodology skills essential for teaching Arabic: Lesson plans (objectives and evaluation).
401326 Andalusian Literature                                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401218
This course is an introduction to the Andalusian literary movement, study of prose and poetry texts representing the period, its prominent figures and its cultural, social and historical contexts.
401327 Syntax (3)                                                                         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401322
This course focuses on the role of agent in syntax, controversial issues in syntax: Oath, command, condition, and preposition.
401330 Applied Linguistics                                                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with the contributions of the linguistic theory, with special emphasis on the applications such as the teaching of Arabic language to both natives and foreigners. It also deals with language planning and computational linguistics as well as translation, speech defects and lexicography.
401350 Rhetoric and Stylistics                                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
Introduction to Arabic rhetoric; Its categories, semantics, decorative style, correlation of Arabic rhetoric concepts of criticism and modern rhetoric.
This course also]contains analysis of literary texts, principles of current approaches in stylistics, language of literature, analysis of literary texts.
401440 Research Methodology in Language and Literature         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course examines the significance of the term ”methodology” in linguistic dictionaries and the scientific definition of term. It also examines old and new research methods in general and touches upon extracting ang gathering literary and linguistic information  from its sources. The course also examines, in detail, research methods used by Arab literary critics and linguists, in addition to the work of pioneer scholars who adopted the historical, narrative and analytical research methodologies. It also examines certain aspects of the development of authorship in the fields of language and literature.
401441 Modern Literature (1)  - (Poetry)                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401218
This course deals with development of Arabic poetry since the renaissance, poetry trends, factors contributing to the modern Arabic poem.
401442 Linguistics and Phonetics                                                   (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This subject focuses on the study of language as the topic of modern Applied Linguistics. It includes the definition of language, its function and linguistic properties. It tackles the various levels of linguistic analysis, focusing in particular on the phonological component and its applications in the Arabic phonological system, it deal with the linguistic, historical, historical comparative, descriptive, and functional, approaches, in addition to the different branches of Applied Linguistics: Psycholinguistics, Socio-linguistics and Computer Linguistics. Finally, it offers a synopsis of the most significant schools in Applied linguistics: Structural, Transformational and Functional, paying particular attention to the distinguished scholars such as Saussure, Bloomfield, Chomsky, and Hymes. It concludes with spotting out the scene of Arabic Applied Linguistics, its trends and reputed scholars.
401443 Modern Criticism                                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401323
This course is a development of Criticism theory starting with Coleridge romanticism and illusion, symbolic criticism, Surrealism, the modern British school in criticism and the US.
401444 Comparative Literature                                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is an introduction to comparative literature; approaches, functions, contact variables, reciprocal contact between nations, diversity, universal human values, representative samples of Arabic and foreign literature, models of Arabic and foreign literary interaction.
401445 Syntax (4)                                                                         (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401327
This course is an application of Arabic grammatical rules, reinforcement of learning Arabic grammatical concepts.
401446 Modern Literature (2) – (Novel)                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401240
This course deals with the origin and development of prose genres; the essay, the novel, short story, drama and its trends, forms, methods, implications, cultural and social factors affecting development.
401447 Philology                                                                              (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with Standard Arabic, dialects, features, connection to Semitic family, Arabic codification, and semantic aspects.
401448 Language Editing & Proofreading                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims at making students better at language editing and proofreading though the study of the theoretical and practical principles used in ridding the written text of all errors. The course focuses on writing: Its rules and conventions, its organization and its presentation. In addition, the course introduces students to the basic principles of planning, constructing and presenting certain types of writing, together with the terminologies used therein. By entering the world of the written text, students learn how to deal with the techniques of producing the text before moving to the practical part of the course, in which they get trained in editing and proofreading. The course also offers training in close study of different texts with a view to proofreading them, for proofreading is considered one of the fundamentals of completing the production and presentation of the written text. It gives this text its final finish, making it readable and publishable.
401450 Modern Literature (3) – (Drama)                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401240
This course deals with introducing the origin of the theatrical art and ancient religious rites, along with the  concepts of drama, tragedy, three unities, Aristotle's catharsis.
401451 Psycho & Socio-Linguistics                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with linguistic phenomena as a cognitive and verbal phenomenon, relationship of linguistics with psychology, cognitive psychology, speech pathology, speech problems arising from psychological factors, language and thought, language as a cultural and cognitive phenomenon, language and society.
401452 Children's Language & Literature                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces child language issues, stages of language development, early language acquisition, late language acquisition, factors contributing to language fluency or disfluency. Child cognitive, psychological and social development, child language features; Structure, lexis, function and style. A study of child literature; Function, implication and principles, child writing.
401460 Text Analysis                                                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401443
This course deals with the concept of the text and other issues, in the light of contemporary (modern) critical theories. It also focuses by means of analysis and study, on the text per se along with its varied components, beginning with textual parallel; Title, prologue, and dedication etc, as well as their indications. Equally addressed are the linguistics, stylistic, intertextual and varied components(aspects). Special emphasis is also placed on the fact that reading the text should begin first within the text and then without the text. Besides, extrinsic references within the text should be used in the interpretation and appreciation of its indication, with special focus on the relationship between text and recipient in the light of contemporary.
401461 Inimitability of the Holy Qura’an                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a study of aspects of the Qur’anic linguistics excellence at the phonological, syntactic and semantic levels; Analysis of Qur’anic verses against the Old and Modern approaches.
401462 Islamic Philosophy                                                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a study of political conflicts at the beginning of Islam, emergence of parties and circles, origin of philology, its development, information transfer and translation into Arabic, origin of Islamic philosophy, development and its proponents, important issues discussed by Avicenna, Al-Khawirij and Al-Mu'tazila.
401464 Modern Literature in Jordan & Palestine                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401218
This course is a study of contemporary literature in Jordan and Palestine within the context of change in the cultural, social and political system, relation of literary movement in Jordan with its counterparts in Arab countries.
401465 Consecutive Era Literature                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 401218
This course deals with the Ottoman and Mamluki literature, study of a selection of literary texts chosen from literary work of prominent figures.
401467 A Modern Arabic Literature                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
A study of a contemporary distinguished poet focusing on his achievements in the development of current poetry movement, issues he tackled, aspects of his creativity, characteristics of his style as exhibited in a number of his creative writing.
401468 Written & Spoken Arabic                                                   (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course is a study of conditions prevailing in good writing, levels of good writing and rules of good oral expression, poetry recitation and seminar control.
401469 Creative Writing in Arabic                                                  (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The aim of this course is to introduce students to the concept of creative writing and to the ways of distinguishing it from other types of composition, academic, scientific, official, etc... Students are familiarized with various types of creative writing, including short story, poetry, drama, novel, biography, personal essay, short reflective essay and scripts for radio and TV. By acquainting themselves with the general stylistic characteristics of models of these types, students acquire artistic and aesthetic experience. On the basis of this knowledge and experience, students begin their training in the practice of creative writing, trying to emulate those models and absorb them (so to speak). The course also aims at making students perceive the principles and techniques of creative writing and learn how to heighten ordinary language artistically and aesthetically. Another aim is to enable students to become practitioners of creative writing and to give the talented among them the means by which they can develop both their talents and their aesthetic experience.
401470 Sources of Linguistics & Literature                                   (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course aims to introduce students to basic language, syntax and literary resources to enable them enhance their knowledge and research in this field of specialization. It deals with primary books of Arabic heritage in the literary, language and syntax, stressing its value, topics and ways of utilization thereof. It also focuses on the history of Arabic lexicography and its different schools and most important sources along with terminology books in modern and old Arabic.
9400101 Arab & Islamic Civilization                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course introduces Arabic and Islamic Civilization in its universal human context. It also focuses on the Arab and Muslim scholars’ achievements in the sciences and humanities. The effect of Arab/ Islamic Civilization on Western Civilization is highlighted.
9400111 Arabic Language (1)                                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 9401099 / P.T
This course deals with the development of language skills, selection of texts for appreciation and analysis; Study of sentence and word structure, use of dictionary are coped with.
9400112 Arabic Language (2)                                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: 9400111
This course is a follow-up and development of the language skills acquired in Arabic 101; Emphasis is on oral and written expressions, advanced study of selected texts, study of syntactic and morphological rules, word function.
9400131 Palestinian Cause                                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The Palestine Cause lays emphasis on the root of the Palestinian issue, its development until the end of the British Mandate in 1948. The Palestinians' status in the First World War, Palestine at the UN (1947), and Palestinian issue analysis.
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