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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Petra University, a college that carries a mission of innovation for serving the community using multi-disciplinary approaches. Established in 1992, it was the first faculty in Jordan combining Architecture and the arts. Since then, the faculty has become an important design center and a prestigious college, from which several generations of talented designers graduated in various fields.

The Faculty is characterized by its creative artistic atmosphere, the extracurricular activities of its students, and the excellence of their achievements locally, regionally and internationally. This is due to the approach to education in the college where faculty set high standards for student performance, and various teaching methods are followed that enable the student to have technical, scientific, artistic and life skills. Each department adopts a vision and mission to serve the community and promote students’ achievement, which resulted in numerous awards for the students and their faculty.

The college contains a range of distinct laboratories and workshops for students to benefit from, as there are eight educational computer laboratories of various types, a fully equipped photography laboratory, a model workshop equipped with laser cutting and 3D printing, a studio for free-hand drawing and portrait painting, as well as a ceramic workshop and an acoustics laboratory. The Faculty is characterized by its focus on learning resources, providing a learning resource center, student help desk, and numerous study areas.

This is complemented by the university's specialized student service centers and free courses to enhance students' ability to compete in the job market. Students are provided with varied workshops to train them in a range of areas, from entrepreneurship to resume writing. The university also helps students and graduates to develop their own projects; using the Center for Creativity and Entrepreneurship at the university. This is augmented by a university business incubator, and enhanced by the available services and courses provided by the Deanship of Student Affairs. Additionally, the university provides many other services in the library, student center, health center, among many others.

The Faculty invests in continued improvement and innovation, making improvements on available technology, training students, and supporting leadership skills. Various student-led peer support courses are offered, in addition to many activities through the student association. The Annual Exhibition is an important event to review the achievements of students attended by different professionals and interested people and is covered in the media.

One of the distinctions that we are proud of is our team of educators, whether fulltime or part-time faculty, all are graduates from top universities and have distinguished professional practice. We emphasize job market needs, focusing on applying the highest educational standards, resulting in high-levels of skills and excellence for students.

The Faculty has local and international connections and cooperation endeavors with educational, professional, or non-government organizations. This includes student workshops, community service, or joint research. Our hard work often wins recognition; the latest was the Newton Fund Prize 2020. Students also have an excellent record for winning national, regional, or international prizes for graduation projects, which includes World Architecture, Tamayyous International Award, I-Sustain, Jordan Cup for Interior Design, The Mohammad Ablah Award for Animation, and the Jordan Engineers Association Prize, to name a few. University of Petra's attention to quality led to UOP being the first university to receive a Quality Assurance certificate among Jordanian universities.

We welcome you to the Faculty of Architecture and Design as an innovative actor who has the capacity to build a distinct future.

Dean's Message, Dr. Fatima Al-Nammari

Welcome to the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Petra University, a college that carries a mission of innovation for serving the community using multi-disciplinary approaches ...
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