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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

The Graphic Design Program was established at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Private University of Petra in 2001. The Graphic Design Program seeks to prepare students to enter the field of advertising in the local and international labor market. This field is characterized by the pace of modern development in all modern means of communication.

The program consists of 137 approved hours divided as follows: 12 approved hours by compulsory university, 12 approved hours by optional university, 21 approved hours by compulsory college, 3 approved hours by optional college, 83 approved hours by compulsory specialization and including a field training course, 6 approved hours and 360 hours of training and community service.

Program benefits:

Graduates of this specialization acquire the skills and knowledge required to meet the renewed need in the domestic and international economy, including through:

Publicity, Promotional, Educational and other Advertising Campaigns, Animations, Production of Feature Films, Website Design, Photography, Packaging Design, Book, Magazine and Newspaper Design, Typography, Mobile Exhibitions Design, and Traditional and Digital Illustrations in line with the requirements of the modern era and its culture.

Students learn modern technology to be scientifically and practically ready to face continuous technological change.

Through a number of educational courses, students learn to develop their intellectual and philosophical abilities and to choose appropriate techniques for the production of modern advertising materials.

Students learn the importance of One Team collaboration, exchange of experiences and cooperation in finding successful solutions in the diverse fields associated with addressing design topics such as science, sociology, humanities, management, etc.

Students acquire a constructive awareness that helps them to be a positive individual in their community and private and public environments.

Learning Methods:

  1. Studios, Computer Labs (mac & windows), Photography Studio and Lecture Halls equipped with the right devices for teaching and learning.
  2. Library with a wide range of design books in the field of Graphic Design plus knowledge resources sections in all subjects of the study plan such as Humanities and Social Sciences.
  3. Training to develop students' digital skills on software used in graphic design such as: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Animate, Premier, After Effects, SketchUp....and others.
  4. Regular and continuous education, instruction, and criticism under the supervision of specialized teaching staff members with varied and distinguished experience and high-level competencies in the field of specialization.


  1. Advertising Agencies.
  2. Major Media Institutions.
  3. Traditional and Electronic newspapers and magazines.
  4. Web Designer.
  5. Multimedia Designer (video production).
  6. Animation Designer.
  7. Art Director.
  8. Designer of business or technical interfaces.
  9. Opposition Designer.
  10. Package Designer.
  11. Digital game designer.
  12. Book Designer.
  13. Banner Designer (Tags).
  14. Infographic designer.
  15. Road ad designer.
  16. Typographic Designer.
Department Chair's Message, Dr. Mohammad Khairy

Department Chair
The Graphic Design Program was established at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Private University of Petra in ...
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