203105 Technical Drawing and Perspective                                   (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
This course examines using different drawing and designing tools and studying principles of drawing to produce new, innovative aesthetic and fine values through components and rules of drawing. The aforesaid will be applied to bidimensional designs based on engineering and free objects and improving the student ability to imagine points, lines, flats and spaces. The course covers introducing students to multidimensional drawings and different methods in drawing prospective, shade and shades, responding to exercises on all types and knowing concepts and terms. The student will learn how to draw projections and sections of various block objects.
203107 Free-Hand Drawing                                                            (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Perception and conveyance of what is seen in the eye by emulating various objects from different angles by free drawing using  pencils, pens and coloring pens and recognition of percentage, touch and shape of objects and their relationship with shade and light through utilizing various constructing materials and expressing them through free drawing.
203111 Graphic Design Principles                                                   (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203105
Components, rules and principles of design and artistic values of visual communicative designs through comprehending psychological processes to be taken into consideration in implementation of the graphic designs in terms form and content. As a result, the students will develop simple projects to develop manual and technical skills, focusing on the principles of graphic and abstractive design through analysis, summarization and briefing. The course also focuses on tri-dimensional designs, visual components and technical terms and their relationship with the nature of the targeted service, good or product to be in consistent with the nature of the surrounding environment through specialized graphic design projects.
203122 Color Theory and Techniques                                            (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Basic theories of color and its relationship with light and sight, including color-related applications in traditional methods and experiments in colors mixing and color degrees. The applications focus on knowing color values, hue and saturation and doctrines between them to develop technical expertise and manual skills required for the graphic designer.
203141 Computer-Applications in Graphic Design                         (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Introducing design programs, their uses and applications in visual arts to students. That includes various exercises which help the student in creating many designs through identifying the features of these documents and their processors of photos, drawings and letters.
203205  Traditional and Electronic Illustration Design                   (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203111 + 203107
Training on creating illustrative drawings for literature, scientific and critical text and using them in different fields, such as: Posters, announcements, newspapers, magazines, books, illustrative means, etc... by using white, black, other colors, light or shadow to achieve the third dimension for di-dimensional drawings. Using computer potentials to work out illustrative graphic drawings.
203208 Graphic Art and Design                                                      (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Learning about rules of designing guiding marks, symbols and announcements either movable or immovable and their role as complementary component in designing internal and architectural space using means of drawing and designing, stereo graphs and painting techniques on different surfaces.
203221 Aesthetics and Art Appreciation                                        (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
A brief history of beauty philosophy across old civilizations to modern theories. Addressing aesthetics in fine arts in general, including literature, music and visual Arts. Highlighting human and aesthetic needs and requirements throughout history. Explaining how arts are tasted and showing their aesthetic and visual values and their relationship with time and place.
203222 Visual Communication Theories                                         (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
Contemporary schools of psychology and their relationship with design and theories of recognition and visual communication. The relationship of recognition with visual environment and its features that subject to culture, habits, traditions and customs to provide success factors for realization and seeing graphic designs.
203223 Graphic Design Techniques, Materials and Tools              (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203122 and 203111
Studying different ores and means of design used in managing graphic work during design phase or post design phase and its relationship with outputs and environment in which design will be implemented and impact of this on selecting suitable design components, such as: Images and writings to be extracted optimally. That includes selecting dimensions and type of surfaces based on which design will be implemented either they are used internally or externally in the surrounding environment.
203232 History of Graphic Design                                                  (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
Graphic design throughout history, starting from old civilizations, beginning of printing invention as a graphic mean of communication, developments of printing - especially after paper invention - through different printing methods, development of printing letters, and ending with twentieth century developments of artistic schools, graphic techniques and modern graphic tools until now.
203233 Modern and Contemporary Art History                             (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: 201132
Studying modern and contemporary artistic schools and movements in the period of nineteenth century until the end of twentieth century. Addressing these aesthetic and intellectual reflections which was embodied by post-modernity aisle in the area of visual arts in particular and in the area of accompanying philosophical theories since of start in the United States of America in the last third of the twentieth century. Addressing social, political, economic and intellectual changes that impacted the trends of post-modernity and how to benefit from them in producing innovative graphic designs.
203251 Etching Techniques                                                            (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203107
This course covers major traditional printing methods (relief printing, surface printing, raised printing) and familiarize students with the methods of sculpture on the surface of different materials (linoleum, wood and zinc) to produce different graph works and silkscreen printing.  Either directly, indirectly, manually or visual.  Moreover, it familiarizes students with copying from printing form.
203252 Digital Photography                                                           (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Distinguishing between types of digital cameras, their internal parts, types as well as features of lens and carrying out applications based on methods and techniques of digital photography. It also covers using digital photography in the areas of graphic design with focus on the principles of digital photography and its relation to immovable and movable graphic design through digital photos and processing them using various computer programs.
203280 Typography                                                                        (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203141
Learning about Arabic and English letters, types and families of Arabic and English letters, their anatomical and designing ratios in terms of their suitability to various designs and conditions of selecting letters in a way that suits the nature of design product. It also covers using graphic design programs in producing typography forms and patterns to be used in letters-based designs.
203281 Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation                             (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203111
This course is an introduction to the types of Arab and Islamic calligraphy (Kufic, Naskh, Riq'ah, dewani, etc...) and types of pattern units to prepare the students technically and provide them with advanced experience and skill to employ traditional Arabic calligraphy and pattern in graphic publications and designs that keep pace with the requirements of new age.
203283 Book Design and Modern Printing Techniques                  (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203280
Distinguishing between different types of books, materials used in the production of books, methods and techniques of books design, starting from introduction, text, tables of content through the chapters of books and addressing modern forms of design.
203301 Pottery                                                                               (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Learning about types of local clay and techniques used in shaping bas, internal or relief pottery and training on the way of making pottery designs and how to shape and implement them from technical point of view and types of stoves and ways to deal with glazed materials.
203302 Research Skills in Arts                                                       (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: 203233
In this course, students will learn about the concept and nature of research methods in graphic design, techniques and foundations of graphic design research, research problem, sources of research problem, defining and formulating research problem and conditions and significance of research problem. It also covers research information and research tools: Library, research sources, Methods of scientific research and types of scientific research. The student will practice steps of writing research, including quotation, printed references, electronic references, role and significance documentation and footers and dividing research into sections and chapters.
203303  Graphical Presentation                                                     (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
Basic and manual techniques used in producing graphic designs through touch, color and shape. This course also presents how to use traditional and untraditional materials by juxtaposition, combining or intersecting in small-scale graphic design projects carried out by students.
203306 Animation (1)                                                                    (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203205
Introduction to the concepts and techniques of animation, including: Methods of drawing, key frames and story boards in order to implement small animation projects that serve applications of graphic design.
203315 Advertisement and Promotion Design                              (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203223
Definitions of marketing and advertising and differences between them in terms of form, content and meaning when graphic designs are produced and implemented and various methods for marketing and advertising campaigns, such as introductions and conclusions and understanding practical and psychological aspects in designing announcement in different methods.
203316  Design of Permanent and Mobile Exhibitions                   (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203223
This course provides technical experiences to students for creating graphic designs that can be used in commercial, advertising and marketing campaigns in international forums and local events. Moreover, it presents specifications for designing roadside and building announcements, either they are immovable or movable or extent to which these designs are consistent with surrounding environment to show it aesthetically.
203317 Web Design                                                                        (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203315
This course will introduce standards and principles of website design and development and review ergonomic requirements for selecting components of websites, success and failure factors of any website through carrying out analytical study of local and global websites and highlighting programs used in designing websites and training on websites development.
203321  Design Psychology and Methodology                               (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
Introducing theories of visual perception science and reactions related to them by perceiving form, shape and color, impact of this on graphic designs and its role in the success of the designs. Moreover, this course presents the concepts of objective criticism of graphic design, finds various graphic solutions and discusses methodologies, processes and concepts of graphic design.
203341 Animation (2)                                                                    (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203306
Computer applications in using animation programs and knowing the rules to be followed in designing and implementing short videos through combining sound, image and actions in a harmonious arrangement based on production and mixing for collecting, preparing and directing.
203354  Traditional and Electronic Publication Design                   (1-2:3)
Prerequisite: 203280
Technical and scientific principles for producing and finalizing printed newspapers by training students on how to prepare the initial plan, format pages, arrange all kinds of titles and illustrative photos on different topics with texts in columns and measuring the printing letter. The student will be trained on the possibility of making design and finalizing pages by manual means or computer. Furthermore, the student will study different sizes of pages and different types of printing.
203356  Textile Design and Printing Techniques                            (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: None
The history of textile manufacture and printing throughout ages to the present time. This course addresses practical applications for creating designs related to textile printing and introduces printing on continued textile or separate parts, arranges field visits for local traditional and modern textile factories.
203358  Package Design                                                                 (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203223
Different methods and techniques used in packaging taking the type of the product to be packed into account, identifying whether packaging is intended for protection or conservation and knowing the specifications of the used packaging materials to avoid chemical interaction. This course also addresses production techniques in various packaging phases and relation of packaging to the method of storing the product And how to make use of computer software in completing packaging projects
203410  Multimedia Design                                                             (2-1:3)
Prerequisite: 203341 and 203317
Presenting concepts of multimedia, importance of multimedia, theories related to digital multimedia programs, including: Calligraphy, techniques of sounds, drawings, photos, video techniques, computerized animation, pressing data, means of storing sounds as well as programming multimedia in a suitable environment, animation techniques, innovating animated drawings and photos, colors boards, engineering the third dimension and adding sound and music to produce various graphic projects.
203422  Theory of Semiotics in Design                                          (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
Science of cues and symbols in creativity process development throughout different ages as well as sensual and emotional meanings of those cues and symbols in the human life to control standards of artistic appreciation and coordinate relationships among community members on one hand and other communities on the other. 
203425  Marketing and Consumer Psychology                              (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: 203321
The course addresses techniques and methods of promoting and marketing goods and carrying out surveys to understand market, environment and consumer. It also relates to training the students on visual and verbal skills to market products. Moreover, it covers buyer's behavioral features, steps of decision-making and reviewing factors affecting consumer's accepting or rejecting of the products.  
203440 Design History and Theories                                              (0-3:3)
Prerequisite: None
Understanding the most significant theories and concepts of all types of design (graphic design, interior design, architectural design, fashion design, industrial design), movements of modern and old-time design, major theories and approaches of design and comparison between the thoughts of philosophical design schools and its relation to social and economic changes.
203491  Graduation Project Research                                           (0-2:2)
Prerequisite: 203302 + 203321
Each student submits a proposal for graduation project in one of graphic design areas. Thereafter, the proposals are discussed and approved at the end of the third year. The department council may propose a set of contemporary graphic design issues that are related to environmental and local issues in order to find graphic and innovative solutions for them.
203492  Graduation Project                                                            (5-1:6)
Prerequisite: 203491
Apply the practical points of theoretical research in cooperation with the specialized supervisor. The final graphic design project must be uploaded via various media means or burnt out in a CD or DVD.
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