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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

Welcome to the Department of Architecture at University of Petra, which was established in 1992 as the earliest in Jordan to combine architecture and arts. By joining this department, you will be part of a distinguished group of graduates who have been able to succeed in various fields, such as design, planning, project management, landscape architecture, and urban design, amongst other fields. The department continuously works to develop its programs, services and achievements, which led to building a solid reputation with various institutions in Jordan and the region.

The program is a five-year professional degree, in which you will be trained in engineering, humanities, and arts thus providing you with skills that will enable you to serve your community, address problems, and offer innovative spatial solutions. You will be exposed to theoretical and practical aspects that will enable you to master your profession. You will work with your fellow students on actual projects with varied international, governmental and local institutions. Also, you may work in some research activities with your professors who conduct joint research with prestigious international universities, such as University College London, Sheffield, Berlin, Reading, to name a few.

The department attaches special importance to life skills, thus, varied skills are streamlined into the courses of the department, especially teamwork skills, working under pressure, time management, communication, leadership, and creativity. This is embedded in courses where instruction adheres to high standards and requirements at an international level, as well as through extracurricular activities within the student association.

The department is keen to communicate with employers to evaluate students through juries, provide feedback on curriculum, and through board membership. This provides valuable market input in real time and provide students with important opportunities to understand how their future employers think. The university's interest in community service also provides many opportunities to engage in real projects, in addition to volunteer work and fun trips. Recreational activities offered by the Deanship of Student Affairs provide a plethora of choices from competitions, to sports, arts, and games.

The department attaches great importance to digital computing skills due to the competitive requirements of the job market, and has been a pioneer in training students in building information modeling software, integrated education, applications of virtual reality and digital applications of design, and 3D printing. The department is proud of professors with regional and international experiences who have received training in reputable universities. The Annual Faculty Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the creativity of students as it is an important event and part of the traditions of the Faculty.

The Faculty contains a range of laboratories and distinct workshops to benefit from. There are eight computer laboratories of various types, a fully equipped photography laboratory, a model-making workshop equipped with a laser cutting device and a 3D printing device, an engineering workshop for carpentry and blacksmithing as well as a ceramic workshop and an acoustics laboratory. The department is characterized by its focus on learning resources, creating special study areas, a learning resource center, and an “IT” help desk. This should be viewed in addition to the library building, which provides traditional and digital educational resources of all kinds with personal support for the student.

Perhaps the most important thing that distinguishes the Department of Architecture is its focus on preparing students for the local job market without sacrificing competitive advantage on a regional level. Perhaps this is why the students of the department excelled globally. The students of the department were able to compete with international universities in various competitions and win international awards such as the Tamayouz Excellence Award, the World Architecture Award (web site), the “Reconstructing Destroyed Palestinian Villages” competition, by the Palestine Land Society, and the Center for the Study of the Built Environment Award, in addition to many local and regional awards such as the Engineers Association Award, and I- Sustain award.

So, if you care about the quality of your education, and you are serious about obtaining high-standard training, and you have the desire to build a distinct future, we welcome you as part of the family of the Department of Architecture.

Department Chair's Message, Dr. Amer Al-Jokhadar

Department Chair
Welcome to the Department of Architecture at University of Petra, which was established in 1992 as the earliest in Jordan ...
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