To keep pace with technological developments in the areas of animation movies’ industry and design of multimedia and digital games and to prepare well-qualified graduates, UOP launched Animation & Multimedia major at the Faculty of Architecture and Design starting from the Academic Year 2016/2017. The major launch aims to meet the needs of Jordanian and regional markets under the vast popularity of animation movies and multimedia among children or families, which are broadcasted on televisions and social media websites.

UOP provides the necessary infrastructure for Animation and Multimedia major such as: Computer labs, painting rooms, recording studios, animation studios, lectures’ halls, theaters and Wi-Fi service to ensure converting creative ideas to high quality animation movies and digital games. UOP library provides books, periodicals and specialized studies on animation and multimedia to improve the students academically and practically. 
Undergraduate student will learn about methods of designing animation and multimedia videos and steps of designing an animation video starting from using pencils to using animation design programs. The students will learn how to produce 2d and 3d animation movies and how to design characters and setting creatively. The major also includes courses on different techniques used in developing multimedia applications, including: Digital games, websites and visual and sound effects.
Learning Outcomes:
  1. An understanding of the key principles of animation history, techniques and processes such as scriptwriting, character and background design, animation, editing, lighting, compositing, sound, music and marketing.
  2. The ability to apply knowledge gained with originality and create successful animation films to be screened for both Arab audiences and international audience with a different cultural awareness.
  3. The confidence to study independently and collaborate within the field of animation and Multimedia, as this is key to successful projects.
  4. A demonstrable understanding of the difference between written language and visual language.
  5. The ability to identify a project’s target audience whether that is children, adults or families.
  6. An ability to manage workloads and production schedules and meet deadlines in order to achieve defined goals.
The Department of Animation and Multimedia Design aims to enrich the domestic and regional marketplaces with high quality graduates in Animation and Multimedia and become an important part of the creative industry in the Middle East.
The popularity of animation cinema and multimedia is growing every day and sustains both adult and child audiences across a range of platforms, from feature films to internet web-episodes. The Department is committed to being part of this growth to helping students increase their knowledge base and providing students with the confidence to take their place in the field of Animation and Multimedia.
  1. Provide students with a high quality program and encourage them to develop their own creativity at an advanced level in contemporary animation and digital media practice.
  2. Build students’ creative confidence and give them the opportunity to promote their work to reach both domestic and international animation marketplaces.
  3. Provide students with a broad understanding of practical and theoretical tools, technical skills, knowledge and methods used in Animation and Multimedia production.
  4. Encourage students to explore and promote their Arabic identity and culture through animation films.
  5. Provide students with the opportunity to attend international events related to Animation and Multimedia in order to improve their knowledge as animation filmmakers and to develop an international network of animation professionals.
  6. Establish an official archive and library of Arab animation films to be an open source for students, professionals and researchers.
  7. Encourage students to gain real experience with live client briefs and internships.
  8. The production of a short animated film each year of the course, including the student’s name in the film credits, through collaborative workshops with Arab and international filmmakers. 
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