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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
Civil Engineering is plausibly the oldest and most versatile division of all engineering disciplines. It is an engineering field that integrates planning, analysis, design, construction, monitoring, and maintenance of projects to build, preserve, and improve systems and structures on the planet earth and maybe beyond. Civil engineers build cities, networks of highways and railroads, dams, industrial buildings, water distribution and sewage collection systems, and many more facilities that help improve the quality of life.
The Civil Engineering program at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Petra, Amman, Jordan, is carefully built using a diverse system of courses that is designed to provide our students with a well-rounded education. Students commence with preliminary engineering courses that deal with basic concepts in mathematics, physics, and fundamentals of engineering. Students are then required to complete a carefully sorted set of mandatory courses that broadens their horizons and eventually enables them to select from a wide range of advanced/elective courses in the civil engineering discipline at the senior student level. During their final year, students are required to complete a two-semester graduation project focusing on one of the main areas of the Civil Engineering. Upon completion of a certain amount of design courses, students are also required to register for engineering training at a private or public engineering firm/organization, where they are given the chance to gain practical experience in civil engineering projects through direct interaction with experienced engineers, work forces and managers.
     Although our graduates are general civil engineers, the sub-specializations of civil engineering that our program includes are structural, geotechnical, water and wastewater, environmental, transportation, and construction engineering. Values such as ethics and integrity are promoted throughout the students’ courses of study. Communication skills, managerial skills, and leadership skills are also emphasized in the Civil Engineering program. Upon completion of our program, our graduates are expected to land entry-level positions at engineering firms or become accepted in civil engineering graduate study programs.
In order to build our objectives on solid rock foundations, the civil engineering departmental strategy of resource development was set to the highest standards. The faculty members at the department are highly qualified academic individuals, finely selected as graduates of reputable academic institutions who are dedicated to teaching and research. Our Laboratory supervisors are well trained engineers equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to cover the technical aspect of theoretical courses. Our laboratories include state of the art equipment and computer technology. Our lecture halls are well equipped with modern class presentation tools.
Finally, the enthusiasm that glows from our department and draws its power from our professors, staff, and students, is our driving force towards excellence.

To establish quality civil engineering program utilizing the latest in science and technology and to offer the students a world class engineering education to better serve the community with its needs in the area of civil engineering.

Preparing qualified and skilled civil engineers who meet the requirements of local and regional labor markets, creating a scientific environment that stimulates effective learning and creative thinking, and helping students to acquire major skills and knowledge to pursue their higher studies and conduct advanced scientific research.


  • PEO #1: Competent civil engineering professionals serving the local and the regional communities in construction engineering and management, environmental engineering, structural engineering, transportation engineering, infrastructure, and geotechnical engineering.
  • PEO #2: Leaders in the civil engineering field equipped with the required soft skills, conducting design, analysis, and construction tasks related to public and privately-owned projects.
  • PEO #3: Contributors to the advancement of the civil engineering discipline at the local, national, and global levels.

Department Chair's Message, Prof. Khaled Ramadan

Department Chair
Dear students of the Department of Civil Engineering Peace, God's mercy and blessings be upon you, I congratulate you for choosing to study the specialization of ...
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