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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
Learn Microsoft Project Course

Lesson 1 Project Interface

Lesson2 Project Interface 2

lesson 3 Starting Project Properties

Lesson 4 Importing Tasks from Excel

Lesson 5 Changing Working Time

Lesson6-Creating New Calendar

Lesson 7 Defining Working Days and Exceptions

Lesson 8 Creating Tasks

Lesson 9 Differences between Manual and Automatic Tasks Schedule

Lesson 10 Adding Milestones

Lesson11- Adding Recurring Tasks

Lesson 12 Copy Tasks from Word File

Lesson 13 Adding Task summary

Lesson 14 Working with Summary Levels

Lesson 15 Using Outdent and Indent with Tasks

Lesson 16 Deleting Tasks and Summaries

Lesson 17 Adding WBS Coding

Lesson 18 Task Link Types

Lesson 19 Working with Lag and Overlaps

Lesson 20 Adding Constraints

Lesson 21 Working with Task View

Lesson 22 Resources Types in a Project

Lesson 23 Creating Resources

Lesson 24 Adding Resources of type Materials

Lesson 25 Adding Cost of Resources

Lesson 26 Adding Resources of Type Cost

Lesson 27 Understanding Duration, Work and Unit

Lesson 28 Adding Resources to Tasks

Lesson 29 Working with Team Planner

Lesson 30 Working with over allocation

Lesson 31 Working with Effort Driven Tasks

Lesson 32 Working with fixed duration, Work and Units

Lesson 33 Resources reallocation

Lesson 34 Working with Different Views

Lesson 35 Working with Tasks Table

Lesson 36 Updating and adding Fields to Tasks Table

Lesson 37 Renaming Tasks Table Fields

Lesson 38 Showing Two views

Lesson 39 Working with timeview Bar

Lesson 40 Sorting Tasks and Resources

Lesson 41 Grouping Tasks

Lesson 42 Filtering Tasks

Lesson 43 Working with Taskbar

Lesson 44 Changing Taskbar Layout

Lesson 45 Formatting Taskbar Text

Lesson 46 Working with Critical Tasks and Slack

Lesson 47 Working with Task Inspector

Lesson 48 Splitting Tasks

Lesson 49 Delaying a Task

Lesson 50 Defining Work Contour

Lesson 51 Leveling Resources

Lesson 52 Inactivating and Activating Tasks

Lesson 53 The Concept of Baseline for a Project

Lesson 54 Saving Baseline

Lesson 55 Updating Baseline for a Project

Lesson 56 Updating Task Status in a Project

Lesson 57 Working with Overtime Work

Lesson 58 Updating Cost Resources

Lesson 59 Rescheduling Tasks

Lesson 60 Exploring Project Status

Lesson 61 Monitoring Schedule Problems in Project

Lesson 62 Showing Cost in Project

Lesson 63 Printing Reports

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