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A Bridge Towards Knowledge
301712 Strategic Management                                                      (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course focuses on the study of the company overall strategy. The formulation and implementation of that strategy within the constraints of the external and internal environmental variables are the core of this course. In depth analysis of cases covering various types of strategies in different types of corporations is an integrated part of the course to blend theory and practice.
301721 Research Methodology in Business                                   (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course covers the essentials of research methods such as definition of scientific research, its importance, types, steps, and methods. It also covers sources and methods of data collection and analysis. Sampling and estimation in addition to all parametric and non-parametric statistical tests that might be used in analyzing data will also be covered.
301723 Production & Operations Management                             (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course contains many topics such as: Forecasting, Capacity Planning, Queuing theory, Facility location, Layout Planning, Job design, Production Standards and work measurement, Scheduling, Inventory control, Quality control, materials requirement planning, Maintenance and just-in Time System With concentration on Quantitative techniques.
302741 Financial Management                                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course provides the main theme of corporate finance. Following the introduction to corporate finance and corporate accounting financial statements, the course describes how investment opportunities are valued in financial markets and introduces the basic measures of risk. The CAPM and APT are used to devise methods for incorporating risk in valuation. Finally, the course examines capital structure, dividends policy, corporate failure and forms of reorganization such as mergers and acquisitions.
303743 Managerial Accounting                                                       (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course discusses familiar topics in managerial accounting such as cost behavior analysis, budgeting and evaluating performance. In addition, the course shed the light on recent topics such as ABC (Activity Based Costing) system, cost volume profit relationship and strategic costing system.
306711 Consumer Behavior                                                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The goals of this course are to provide conceptual framework of consumer behavior, describe its theoretical and practical aspects, provide experience in applying consumer behavior concepts to marketing strategy and social policy decision-making through case analysis and develop experiential capability in using consumer research. This course also covers the major influences on the consumption process, including psychological, situational and socio-cultural factors. Specific topics include perception, attitudes, values, consumer decision-making and customer satisfaction, among others are also to be included in this course. Understanding the marketing implications of this course Behavior should be emphasized.
306712 Marketing Communications                                               (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with fundamental concepts of marketing communications, including advertising, publicity, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing, including interactive media, sales promotion and public relations. Furthermore, the course examines how these may be managed as an integrated program to implement and support the marketing strategy. The course also covers the development of promotion budgets. The Course includes the assessment of the economic, social and legal impact on the development of the promotional campaigns.
306713 New Product Development                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course emphasizes the marketing and product strategy-related activities required to create, develop and launch successful new products. Topics covered include identifying the market opportunity for new products, defining the product strategy, understanding customer requirements, developing and updating the product business plan, marketing's role in the firm's product development process, developing the marketing plan for launching new products, and managing the product life cycle. The main objectives of the course are (1) to familiarize students with the strategies, frameworks, conceptual tools, and types of marketing research that are considered best practices in the development of new products and (2) to give students the opportunity to apply these ideas and methods in the evaluation of a specific product concept, customizing the learning experience to their own needs and interests.
306721 Marketing Management                                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The Course contains the study of the modern concepts and trends of marketing, in addition to the courses of actions required for managing the marketing activities. The course presents all these in an integrative and comprehensive framework. It deals with the marketing decision-making process, handling major marketing problems and cases, in addition to the application of the strategic concepts in the field of and marketing. The course implies a wide range of important topics such as, evaluation of marketing concepts, consumer behavior and its determinates, marketing environmental analysis, segmenting, targeting and positioning. Product strategy and product life cycle. It also deals with planning of pricing and distribution systems. Others topics such as product innovation and marketing research and information systems are also to be covered within the context of this course.
306722 International Marketing                                                     (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course deals with the concept of international marketing in its applications within a cross- cultural context. Identification of market potential. Development of strategies to suit cultural differences, management of multinational marketing efforts, the development of promotion policies, pricing strategies and distribution channels and methods. Environmental legal, political, economic, technological and social cultural aspects of international marketing are to be thoroughly discussed and analyzed. Strategic international coalitions are also will be covered. International trade regulations and impediments to technological innovation in developing countries.
306723 Strategic Marketing                                                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course includes strategic analysis of a firm's activities from the marketer's point of view. Gives attention to marketing strategy formulation, implementation and control. Assesses strategies for the functional areas of marketing mix (product, pricing, distribution and promotion) and their relevant applications to E-commerce.
306724 Marketing Research                                                           (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course addresses the issues arising in the process of generating data and information in the area of marketing for decision making in the field of marketing. Emphasis are on the validity and reliability of the research techniques associated with exploratory, descriptive and causal research designs, methodologies in measurement and scaling, sampling and fieldwork. Basic parametric and nonparametric techniques of data analysis are to be explored. Students gain experience in analyzing real-life marketing research data using SPSS Package, which provides some exposure to the multivariate data analysis.
306725 Strategic Brand Management                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The purpose of this course is to provide students with the knowledge in the latest branding theories and techniques. The course will cover the broad theories on branding and also the more specific do's and don'ts in the implementation. Significant amount of time will also be spent discussing actual branding success and failure stories to allow students better relate the theories to brands they are familiar with. Upon completion of the course, students will hopefully have a better idea of how to build and manage brands over time. The Course also is intended for students who want to gain a more in-depth understanding of marketing management issues.  This will be achieved within a branding framework designed not just to suit students but also managers of all types of organizations those who manage highly visible and non-visible brands.
306726 Supply Chain Management                                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course deals with maximizing the return on investment in the area dealing with the procurement of raw materials, management of operations and distribution of final products. The explosive growth of internet, E-commerce and Enterprise Resource Planning Systems has created an environment where an organization E-can reduce costs while improving quality and response time. This course will focus on designing E-commerce systems that manage interrelationships between obtaining materials, working on and storing, them internally and delivering them to their final destinations.
306731 Customer Relationship Management                                (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course Customer Relationship Management (CRM) deals with   the development of business strategy and a set of business processes and policies that are designed to acquire, retain, and customers. CRM includes the customer-facing business process of marketing, sales, and customer services. CRM technologies (like databases or data warehouses) and software are used to support these processes, storing information on current and prospective customers. Effective CRM is having the ability to determine, maintain or increase customer profitability and its drivers.
306732 E-Marketing                                                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
This course deals with Common strategies for the marketing of goods and services via the Internet range from public relations and corporate communications to advertising and electronic commerce. Students investigate and evaluate various marketing and communication strategies and tactics for the World Wide Web. The course also serves as the capstone for the E-Marketing academic area as well as a bridge to the professional practice of E-Marketing. Three major components comprise the course: The analysis of a contemporary E-Marketing case, evaluation of alternative E-Marketing strategies and the preparation of a comprehensive E-Marketing plan for a client.
306741 Services Marketing                                                            (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course Service marketing presents unique challenges that reflect the fundamental differences between products and services. For instances, services involve greater intangibility, variability, consumer participation and so on. These give rise to singular problems in service design, delivery and control. Successful management of these challenges requires threading together the functional disciplines of marketing, operations and human resources.
306721 Business to Business Marketing                                        (3:3-0)
Prerequisite: None
The course is designed to provide the students with the functional knowledge and skills needed for the analysis, development, implementation and control of a business-to-business marketing strategy. This will be accomplished through an in-depth investigation of the relationships among suppliers, manufacturers, and distributers in the total supply chain. The students will gain a greater insight into how these organizations work together adding greater value to the consumer.
306798 Comprehensive Examination                                             (0:0-0)
Prerequisite: None
306799 Thesis                                                                                 (9:0-9)
Prerequisite: None
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