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A Bridge Towards Knowledge

President of Petra University sponsored a . D . Adnan Badran Graduation Ceremony XIX for the summer semester of the academic year 2013/2012 over the two days heading congratulations and blessing for graduates and their parents , urging them to exercise their role is hoped in the service of their country and their nation, knowledge , wisdom and creativity ... Indicating that they are armed by the will of excellence in meeting the challenges of the times , they hope and Alrjoh in investment in human brains , which is a real sustainable capital of the nation.

Addressing the university president in his speech the graduates , saying: " Our world is advancing and growing rapidly stunning , and you Tntalegon of the labor market and the Arab nation engaged in conflicts, sectarian and political , as a result cloud black hanging over the Arab Thought , while the thought of the Global Humanitarian kicks off in renewal and reform and development of the peoples , in the system of democracy in which everyone in the knowledge society , justice , equality and equal opportunities. and challenges in building a society immoral behavior , decide to reform , growth and development , and achieve a better life, stable and always ... to achieve a quantum leap from the locomotive defaults to the engine of growth and progress. "
And that incubators President of thought creatively , and building human capital creator, can only be done in the campus integrated, professors Okvia , and methods of modern learning , to find solutions to the problems that confront us , and self-reliance in the use of knowledge , and converted to technology in order to move forward and grow and evolve . And in between his speech that the PU -based techniques modern educational , leading to a process of renewal and modernization, to improve the quality of teaching and scientific research, some outputs productive and competitive , and that the University provides a scientific environment , cultural and social , capable of developing opportunities for quality education and skills development.
Badran called at the end of his speech to the graduates communicate with their university through the alumni portal , saying : We want to hear from you your successes and your news wherever you go and Astqreetm ... And we will provide you with Covenant on news of the growth of the university .. And successes and progress.

The ceremony , word graduates for the student Reem Nasser, and student dedication Abu Tlul , crossed the all Farahthma overwhelming on this occasion , which wed the University of Petra to the homeland constellation of new graduates , to ترفده qualified scientific eligible to work , creativity and production, for the advancement of the homeland on the rules of scientific constant, بسواعد young Nhilt science and knowledge of Petra said .

The ceremony included my story success for graduates of Petra, Mr. Hassan Abu Assaf , Ms. Buthaina Abu Rosa, Pena in which they have achieved successes in their lives, practical and functional , taking advantage of their knowledge and skills which Nhloha of said Petra scientific , painted them the road to success , and shown the the two paths of excellence practical in their lives .
 At the end of the ceremony , which was attended by people with graduates and a large gathering of invitees , the a . D . Rector distributed certificates to the graduates , and awards to outstanding students .